Granting the Release from Prison in UK

Updated on Thursday 22nd November 2018

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An offender who serves a sentence in prison can be released under certain conditions which are in most cases related to the behavior and the time spent waiting for the trial. There are several types of sentences, each of them issued under certain conditions, but for a better understanding of how an offender can be released from prison, we invite you to ask for legal support from our team of criminal defence solicitors in London. Our team can offer legal help in varied crimes cases, if accused and kept in police custody.

Prisoners with determinate sentences in UK

Individuals who are kept in custody and who already served half of the punishment period can be released on probation. For instance, a person who received a verdict of one-year of imprisonment can be released without having to apply for probation with the Parole Board in UK. In the case where an offender received an extension to his/her already settled sentence of at least four years, he/she can apply for parole. In any case, it is suggested to ask for legal help from our defence solicitors in London. It is good to know that our criminal lawyers in UK can apply for probation on the behalf of the prisoner, knowing the situation and the circumstances of the initial verdict.

Persons with indeterminate or life sentences in UK

The cases of prisoners with indeterminate or life sentences are usually treated in a different manner, considering the gravity or the consequences of the serious offences they have been accused of. Even so, it is good to know that once your case has been reviewed, the government can apply for parole on your behalf. An individual who has three years left from the minimum sentence received can be released from prison if a good behavior has been noticed and if the person no longer represents a threat to the society or has family members, including minors to take care of. This special situation can be legally taken care by our criminal defence solicitors in London, when a suitable approach on the case needs to be provided.

What is a temporary release from prison?

No matter the length of the sentence, a prisoner can be released for short periods of time, but considering if he/she represents a threat to the community or not. There are varied reasons why an offender can be released from prison, but in most cases, the childcare is often mentioned to the authorities. If you serve prison and you have a minor which can no longer be supervised by a tutor or another family member, you can apply for parole or probation, but please consider that once being temporarily released from prison, you will be controlled by the officer in charge of your situation.

Granting the release from prison might involve difficult steps or different requirements, therefore, do not hesitate to contact our team of defence solicitors in London.