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Updated on Thursday 20th January 2022

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Harassment takes varied forms and many people experience intimidating or offensive treatments at work or in different environments. Being denigrated or humiliated is definitely an unwanted experience, and if you feel you are harassed or stalked you should ask for advice in this matter. Our harassment lawyers in London can provide legal support for people accused of harassment and also for persons who are victims of such offences. Feel free to talk to our criminal defence solicitors in London and find out detailed information in this case and about other matters.

Types of bullying and harassment

Harassment and bullying are met in different environments and in most cases, persons feel intimidated by others at work or into society in different places. The following types of harassment and unwanted conduct are mostly met:
  • Dealing with verbal or physical abuse in front of others.
  • Being humiliated in public, in front of friends or partners by a person.
  • Unfair criticism and being blamed for different problems in front of others.
  • Discriminatory harassment at work where a person deals with improbable outlooks.
Discriminatory harassment at work or in society is in many cases linked to race, age, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, marriage, religion, and beliefs. In other words, a person can be harassed and discriminated against his/her race, sexuality, or beliefs, being placed in a specific category of persons who do not benefit from the same rights as others. Unfair treatment because of someone's life options is definitely unwanted conduct which leads in many cases to harassment. If you would like to know your rights in such cases, we recommend you talk to our harassment lawyers in London

Does harassment lead to physical violence?

There are cases in which simple bullying or bad talk turns into unwanted violent behavior in front of others. Harassment is not just simple conduct that can be passed by, a reason which often leads to physical and verbal abuse. Coercive behavior is connected to harassment and stalking offence for which offenders can face varied penalties. Both victims and offenders involved in stalking and harassment accusations should seek legal support from our criminal solicitors in London. Let us remind you that our harassment solicitors in London have broad experience in such cases and can, in a professional and discreet manner, provide the needed legal support for you. It is important to know that you can skip any possible harassment charges or custody if legal representation and advice are solicited as soon as possible.

What is the defence for harassment accusations?

The complexity of the case will determine the defence in stalking and harassment cases, meaning that an investigation is normally requested. Harassment cases might involve physical violence and family members who deal with more than just bad behaviors against them. As it is known, women and children are the most vulnerable, regardless of the circumstances. The entire process and information about the needed defence can be offered by our harassment lawyers in London who can explain the available options, advice representation, and assistance at any time. Knowing that privacy is important to each and one of us, our criminal defence solicitors in London will act in your best interest, knowing that harassment cases are sensitive, whether you are a victim or an offender. Identifying the challenges in a harassment case and focusing on the allegations to be dropped might represent in many cases a starting point for our team of criminal solicitors in London

Employers and harassment cases

Experiencing bullying and harassment is for sure the type of emotional undergo nobody wants. Unfortunately, there are many persons who would rather close their eyes when managers or employers treat them in a harsh manner using offensive language or behavior. Victims of such bad conduct should know that they have rights and can solicit the support of the authorities like the police or even social services. Making a complaint and feeling less afraid are probably the first important steps in dealing with a harassment case, also considering aspects like:
  1. Offensive behavior needs to be reported as soon as it is experienced.
  2. Persons can talk to senior managers or to human resources and speak about the persons who pursue them at work.
  3. Employers are obliged to investigate such cases in their company.
  4. Legal advice is recommended for persons who feel bullied or harassed in their environment.

Are unwanted phone calls considered harassment?

Yes, this is a strong example of a harassment situation that might also involve emails, letters, and even unexpected visits. In most cases, women are implicated in phone call harassment, mainly disturbed by a furious husband or former boyfriend. Such harassment can easily turn into threats or attacks. It is clear that such situations are unpleasant for people who have unwanted calls, so it is more than recommended to talk to a specialist, and first of all to seek the help of the police.

Reporting harassment to the police will ease the situation and ensure that you will no longer receive such harassing treatment. The police may issue a restraining order and may also charge the individual with harassment. Please turn to the legal services provided by our harassment lawyers in London. We are with you regardless of the steps you want to take, offering you the optimal solutions.

Online abuse and bullying

Unfortunately, online abuse is becoming more common. In most cases, minors are the ones who suffer, but adults are no exception. Talking to strangers on the internet or even to acquaintances who have bad intentions and become annoying falls into the category of harassment. This behavior is totally inappropriate and can greatly affect anyone, even if the harassment takes place on the internet and not face to face.

Online insults and threats are not okay, and if you have such treatment, it is a good idea to talk to a specialist in the field. Whether you choose the help of a psychologist in the first instance or speak directly with our harassment lawyers in London for legal aid, it is important not to let things unsolved. Act early and remember that you have rights and can protect yourself from future abuse. Do not hesitate to talk to us and request a free case evaluation.

Taking action in civil courts

It is your right to protect yourself and to appeal to the authorities if you feel harassed in any way. In this regard, you can take action against the person who is harassing you and can sue him/her for the abnormal behavior he/she has in front of you. Such requests can go to the civil courts, and our harassment solicitors in London can explain the steps you need to follow. It is also worth noting that you have the opportunity to make such a complaint up to 6 years from the date of harassment, but the advice is to act as soon as possible so that the situation does not get worse.

We also remind you that the civil court can make an injunction or order against the person harassing you, in order to stop the problems you face. In addition, you can claim compensation for emotional or financial loss, if applicable.

Landlord harassment - When to act

Another type of harassment involves problems between landlords and tenants. Although the contractual conditions may be respected, there are cases in which the property owners act without a specific reason, totally inappropriate in front of the respective tenants. Cutting off power or internet cables, inappropriate home visits, and abusive verbal behavior mean harassment. If you come across such experiences, it is clear that you need to take action. First, you can contact the police and report this harassment case. Authorities can visit the owner and fine him for his actions. An order issued by the civil court can help you in this case. We remind you of the legal support provided by our harassment solicitors in London.

Choosing our harassment lawyers in London

Are you involved in a harassment case? Do you feel threatened by certain people who develop inappropriate behavior towards you? We invite you to talk to our harassment solicitors in London and find out what your rights are in this case. We are a team of professional harassment lawyers in London, with experience in harassment cases, who can advise you from a legal point of view so that you can get over these problems better.

Here are some figures and statistics about harassment in England and Wales that might interest you:
  • Between 2020 and 2021, more than 221,000 harassment offenses were reported to the police.
  • According to data for 2021, about 32% of women and 19% of men say they have been harassed at some point in the last 12 months.
  • 65% of women between the ages of 16 and 34 said they had experienced various types of harassment.
Are you a victim of harassment? Have you been accused of harassment? Feel free to contact our harassment solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal assistance.