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Updated on Tuesday 23rd April 2019

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Hate crimes are in many cases quite complex and are the type of offences for which serious penalties, including imprisonment, are issued. There are many hate crimes that happen from varied reasons like a discriminatory conduct against a person. Our hate crimes solicitors in London can provide in-depth support and assistance for persons accused of such offences. Let our criminal solicitors in London tell you more about your rights and the defence for such accusations.

The meaning of hate crimes

Hate crimes often appear from reasons like race, sexual orientation, religion, disability or any other discriminatory reasons. Hostility and violence are among the reasons why hate crimes occur, regardless if a person is young or old. This kind of offence might lead, in many cases to serious violence acts and even murder. The following facts describe in a large percent the meaning of hate crime:
  • A threatening conduct addressed to a disabled person can lead to hate crimes.
  • Inciting others to commit a hate crime is also a serious offence.
  • Using violence against persons because of their beliefs, sexual orientation, etc. is considered a hate crime.
  • Prejudice and hostility against a person who has a different religion, sexual orientation or race can lead to hate crimes.
If you are a victim of hate crimes you should immediately report such incidents to the police. You can also get in touch with a hate crime solicitor in London and find out information about your rights. On the other hand, if you have been accused of hate crimes and you believe you are innocent, you should ask or the legal advice of a criminal defence solicitor in London.

What is disability hate crime?

A verbal or non-verbal abuse directed to disabled persons is the type of offence that enters the hate crime category. In other words, an offensive conduct involving individuals who use an inappropriate behavior against persons who suffer from different disabilities (mentally ill persons, individuals found in a wheelchair, etc.) is considered a hate crime. Such crimes might involve, in many cases, verbal abuse, intimidation and even a physical attack. Property damage and even offensive messages against persons with disability might be used. These are hate crimes for which offenders can pay serious penalties and can be sent to prison if the circumstances aggravate (leading to injuries or even murder). Even though it might look difficult, it is highly recommended to report such crimes to be police and ask for justice and defence:
  1. Disabled persons can ask legal aid from our criminal defence solicitors in London.
  2. Our criminal defence solicitors in London will explain your rights and the ways in which hate crime is reported to the authorities.
  3. There are many agencies or organizations that provide support for disabled persons who are victims of hate crimes.
  4. In case you have been accused of hate crimes and you believe these are false accusations you should get in touch with our hate crimes solicitors in London.
Looking for in-depth support and legal advice? Let our team of criminal defence solicitors in London tell you more about the defence in your case if you are a victim of hate crimes or if you have been accused of such offences. Legal advice is offered on request, as soon as you address your inquiries to our team.

How do I report a hate crime?

Hate crimes are serious offences which need to be reported immediately to the police. Contacting the authorities or visiting the police to make a declaration should be the first thing to do as a victim of hate crimes. Disabled persons will have to talk to a family member or a guardian if they cannot properly act in this direction. It is important to know that the authorities take serious measures for hate crime cases and work closely with the prosecution service and criminal defence solicitors to solve such cases. In the same area, reporting a hate crime starts at the police station once you have received the legal advice of a hate crime solicitor in London. It is normal to be asked about the abusive treatments you received and about the period they took place, the environment, etc. Even hate crimes that occur at the place of work should be immediately reported to the managers who can intervene in such situations. The support of a criminal lawyer is needed in such cases because he or she can tell you more about your legal rights.
If you are a victim of hate crimes or if you have been accused of such offences, we kindly recommend you get in touch with our team of criminal defence solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal advice.