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Updated on Wednesday 17th April 2019

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The definition of homicide might sound complex because it involves a series of factors and circumstances which need to be attentively measured by the authorities and especially by the magistrates in the court of law when the case is judged. Homicide is definitely a criminal offence for which several years of imprisonment is issued, depending on the gravity of the case. Our homicide solicitors in London are at your service if you want to be represented in the court of law for homicide accusations. Let our criminal solicitors in London tell you more about your rights in this situation.

The meaning of homicide – what is the definition?

Homicide comprises three forms, as listed below:
  • The offence of death by dangerous driving – a person kills someone by car accident.
  • Voluntary and involuntary manslaughter – the intention to kill and murder committed by gross negligence.
  • Corporate manslaughter, familial homicide, and related crimes.
Each case is different and each of them is classified under the common law of Wales and England, mentioning that homicide cases are heard in the Crown Court in UK. 

What is the meaning of manslaughter?

As part of homicide acts, manslaughter covers voluntary and involuntary crimes. For instance, voluntary manslaughter refers to the intention of killing someone in the heat of passion, for example. Here are a few facts to consider when looking for answers in homicide cases:
  1. Involuntary manslaughter refers to unintentional kill which results from criminal negligence.
  2. Voluntary manslaughter involves persons who under certain circumstances, like emotionally disturbed, kill a person.
  3. Corporate manslaughter refers to cases in which culpable conduct led to the death of an individual.
  4. Death by dangerous driving is the type of homicide that involves persons who drove under the influence of alcohol or drugs and killed someone.
If you have been involved in one of the above-mentioned cases, it is highly recommended to get in touch with our homicide solicitors in London and find out the legal support they can offer. Do not hesitate to talk to our criminal defence solicitors in London and ask for legal advice.

What is diminished responsibility in homicide cases?

Being charged with murder is definitely a complex case, but if successful from a legal point of view, this means that charges can transform to involuntary manslaughter where the offender recognizes the crime and says that the mental issues led to such situation. This is called diminished responsibility and it is most cases the type of defence proposed by homicide solicitors in London. Moreover, depending on the circumstances and if such defence is credible, individuals might receive hospital orders and treatments as part of the sentencing. If you would like to know more about the diminished responsibility in homicide cases, feel free to seek advice from our criminal solicitors in London.

The intention to kill and its implication

The intention to kill is normally connected to the voluntary manslaughter and to crimes made in the heat of passion in many cases, but not limited to these. It is important to know that there is a need for strong evidence in such homicide cases where someone is accused of murder with the intention to kill. In many cases, it is enough for a homicide charge to prove an offender planned to kill another individual but instead caused the death of the victim by accident. It is good to know that if an offender tells in the court of law the intention to kill, this is sufficient evidence for the magistrates to set a verdict. This is normally met in cases like public shootings among other things. Let our homicide solicitors in London tell you more about the intention to kill and its implications referring to sentencing in UK. 

What is the defence for corporate manslaughter in UK?

According to the Corporate Homicide Act 2017, murders committed by companies or organizations due to breach of responsibility and bad management can be dealt with in the court of law in UK, in front of the magistrates. These are complex cases for which it is recommended to have the support of a team of homicide solicitors in London. Just like in most cases, the evidence will play a major role and the prosecution will have to demonstrate if gross negligence is involved and if more than just one person has been part of the manslaughter case. The lack of evidence definitely leads to an even more complex case where the prosecution will have to determine the facts and the circumstances inside the company.
We invite you to contact our criminal defence solicitors in London and ask for full information and legal advice in case you have been accused of homicide.