How to Benefit from Witness Anonymity

Updated on Saturday 12th November 2022

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Were you a witness to a crime and you want to make a testimony? You have the right to protect your identity and to deal with a fair treatment in the UK. The Coroners and Justice Act 2009 contains the general principles regarding the applications of witness anonymity orders where the prosecution has an important role. Our criminal defence solicitors in London are here to provide you with legal representation in the court of law and to protect you as a witness in the court of law.

Testify as an anonymous witness in a criminal case 

According to the European Convention on Human Rights, a witness in a criminal case can testify under the right of anonymity, without having to deal with the offender. The same rule is available in the UK, where numerous protective measures have been adopted in this matter. The Coroners and Justice Act 2009 stipulates that a witness anonymity order allows the court of law to consider the statement of a witness involved without his will in a criminal case. The scope is to protect the witness from confronting the defendant, this way avoiding the possibility of influencing or intimidating this kind of person.

If you are a witness in a criminal case, we remind that you are obliged to declare the grounds you have been involved in, but with full protection about your private data. Our defence solicitors in London are able to legally represent you in such cases, giving complete support through the entire process.

Witness anonymity orders and the prosecutors in the UK

One should know that the witness anonymity order in the UK protects the identity of a witness in front of a defendant. The Magistrates’ Court needs to analyze the declaration of a witness and to agree if the defendant needs to know the identity of a witness, in order to challenge the offered evidence. In this case, the prosecutor has several duties acting in a fair manner, analyzing the statements and the evidence, adopt an objective evaluation before offering the witness anonymity order for a fair trial for the defendant.

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More information regarding the witness anonymity orders can be obtained from our team of criminal defence solicitors in London, so please feel free to contact us.