How to Choose a Criminal Defence Solicitor in UK

Updated on Monday 16th October 2017

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When a person reflects at criminal offence all the bad images come to mind and indeed, being prosecuted can be very frightening. A person who faces a case like this needs to ask for the legal advice of a criminal defence solicitor in London. When you are charged in a criminal case, the first thing that crosses your mind is that you need a criminal lawyer to protect and help you settle the case. Besides this, a criminal lawyer is easy to find, but a good one not quite. If you do not have a skilled legal representant, with a good strategy, the whole process can be hard and without a proper result. 

Searching the right defence solicitor in London

Our solicitors in London are specialized in a wide range of criminal offences and can provide you with the guidelines you need, they can support you throughout the process and can offer their input to the authorities in charge with your case. Also, when you search for a criminal lawyer in UK, you should know that it is necessary to look for specific competencies at your legal representant, like:

•    to be a good specialist and to be qualified on criminal law. You can check a lawyer at the Law Society in London to see what specialization has and if he/she is a member of Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme;  
•    experience is a must when you choose your attorney because a skilled one can provide you a higher level of trust and also can offer a better result in the case;  
•    trust and commitment, two qualities that you must find in every individual, but especially at your solicitor. You need one you can trust and know that he/she will do everything legally possible to obtain the best outcome in your case.

Our defence legal services in UK are recommended also for people who do not meet the requirements for legal aid or who prefer not to be ruled by the Legal Aid. As a reminder, our criminal solicitors in London will prudently evaluate the information you offer, read through the hearing case if available, advise you on the strengths and flaws of it and will detect the proper method for you in order to accomplish the desired result.

A criminal defence solicitor for serious offence charges

Cases like possession of drugs, armed robbery, fraud, arms traffic, prostitution, blackmail, intellectual property offences or money laundering are considered serious offences in the UK and are punished with years of imprisonment. Persons accused of serious offences have the right to an attorney who can represent their case, starting from the police custody and ending in the court of law. Our solicitors in UK can help you apply for bail and can negotiate the terms with the authorities.

Legal representation for young offenders in UK

Young offenders in the UK can be accused of different crimes and can deal with other types of punishments, different from the ones for adult offenders. Such cases should involve a particular legal representation, as the legislation in this matter can be properly explained by our criminal solicitors in London. Many attorneys in the UK legally represent young offenders with problems, but it is suggested to choose the experienced ones who solved important cases. Before choosing a lawyer for a teenager with legal problems, parents or tutors need to make some investigations via the internet, check with the Law Society in UK  and read about similar successful cases, or among relatives or acquaintances who deal with such legal problems in the past. A legal representative in London is able to provide you with complete legal representation in serious cases when a teenager is involved. Please consider that our team of lawyers in London has a vast experience in cases of young offenders.

Legal representation in cases of fraud

The fraud offences in UK are related to the abuse of position, false representation and failing to disclose information, and persons found guilty of such crime can face imprisonment. We remind that individuals accused of fraud in the UK have the right to solicit an attorney and to be represented in the court of law. Our lawyers in UK are able to analyze your case and to legally represent you in the court of law, no matter how severe the accusations are. A solid representation in front of the authorities is mandatory for persons who face fraud charges, therefore, your solicitor needs to be chosen considering the experience accumulated in such cases.

We have prepared a video which explains how our team of solicitors in London can offer legal support in varied cases: 


In case you are suspected of a criminal offence or you are charged with one, please contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.


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