How to Obtain Legal Aid in UK

Updated on Thursday 18th May 2017

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If a person in the UK cannot afford a defence attorney in a criminal case hearing, he/she might be eligible for legal aid which in many cases can involve no costs. The Legal Aid Agency issues the cases where offenders need legal aid. The legislation about the legal aid in the UK can be fully interpreted and explained by our criminal defence lawyers in London.


Who can obtain legal aid in the UK?    

Legal aid can be obtained by persons involved in domestic abuse, individuals who are in danger of losing their homes or by the ones accused and imprisoned for a crime in the UK. Under the Human Rights Act, a person can bring legal contentions in order to obtain legal aid. In most cases, individuals need to make proof they cannot afford to pay for a legal representative in their cases, to receive legal aid.

The benefits of legal aid in the UK

If a legal representative is provided to speak on your behalf when accused of serious offences in the UK, you will obtain help. According to your problem or case, you might get legal aid and the rights will be entirely explained. For instance, if you are kept in police custody, you will receive legal advice and you can also be released on bail. Situations like forced marriage, domestic abuse, and risks of losing a home are serious cases where the persons involved can receive legal aid. Our criminal solicitors in the UK have a vast experience in criminal cases where complete support and legal advice are necessary.

Getting legal aid in the UK – What you need to know

While in police custody, the police officer in charge with your case can direct and help you obtain legal aid. For less serious offences in the UK, an individual kept in police custody and looking for legal aid can receive free advice from the police station’s solicitor or by telephone. The organization or institution from which you solicit free legal help can be in charge of your case if you prepare for a hearing in the court of law.

Please feel free to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London for legal support in criminal cases in the UK.


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