How You Can Benefit From Legal Aid in UK

Updated on Tuesday 23rd May 2017

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How You Can Benefit From Legal Aid in UK Image
Legal aid in UK was meant to help people who cannot afford the costs of an attorney for their case, no matter if they are involved in a serious offence or in a domestic violence case, among many others. You might be eligible for legal aid, but it is recommended to ask for help and information in this matter from our criminal defence solicitors in London.


The requirements to benefit from legal aid in UK

If your case is eligible for legal aid in the UK, the authorities in charge will decide in this matter, especially if a serious problem is involved or you cannot pay for the legal services which are necessary for your situation for a best possible result. The financial matters will definitely weigh (assets, salary or other incomes) in your position and if you prove you cannot afford to pay for legal advice, you will be qualified for legal aid in the UK. We remind that non-criminal cases like housing or family issues are the ones for which you can benefit from legal aid. Moreover, it is good to know that even crime cases may be subject to legal aid in the UK, but further details in this matter can be obtained from our criminal lawyer in UK.

Obtaining legal aid in the UK

The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) in the UK analyzes the cases where people cannot afford the expenses for the legal representation in the court of law. If a person is eligible for legal aid, this means he/she has been part in the following situations:

•    the individual might lose the home;
•    the person is involved in a forced marriage;
•    the individual is discriminated;
•    the person was implicated in a domestic abuse case;
•    the individual is a witness in a criminal case or committed a crime.

Such cases will be represented in the court of law by an attorney in UK, and the expenses will not be imposed on the victims. But it is good to know that if you report any changes regarding your properties or financial status, the LAA has the power to make a claim or a charge, in order to gain the expenses related to the legal aid.

If you are involved in a serious case and accused of a different crime, we strongly recommend you contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.


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