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Updated on Tuesday 18th June 2019

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Charges of indecent exposure might have serious consequences and can often lead to convictions and sentences. This is known as sexual offence and even if you plead guilty or not, it is recommended to have legal support by your side and talk to an indecent exposure solicitor in London. Immediate legal representation is offered to offenders as soon as you face such charges. Our criminal defence solicitors in London have a vast experience in cases of sexual offence, regardless of the complexity involved.

Why is indecent exposure an offence?

Getting naked in public or exposing the private parts in front of others is definitely offensive and can cause distress in a group of persons or simply in public. The Sexual Offence Act 2003 mentions the following:
  • A fine of approximately GBP 5,000 can be issued for persons found guilty of indecent exposure.
  • Imprisonment starting from 6 months and up to 2 years can be issued for offenders accused of sexual offences.
  • 12 years of custody is granted in cases where two or more aggravating factors are detected.
  • Repeated offences send an individual to jail for at least 12 months.
Intentionally exposing the genitals in public is an offence according to section 66 of the Sexual Offence act 2003. Persons accused of indecent exposure should seek immediate legal advice and talk to one of our criminal defence solicitors in London for complete representation in the court of law.

The prosecution and the evidence in sexual offence cases

The UK prosecution needs to gather all the elements and the evidence before making accusations of indecent exposure. As an example in this sense, the prosecution must discover and determine if the person exposed himself/herself in an obscene way in front of others, whether in public at school, on the streets, in an institution. The accusations of a sexual offence are serious, therefore, you should get in touch with an indecent exposure solicitor in London. It is suggested to ask for the support of our criminal defence lawyers in London and find out more about the legal support we can offer.

What you should do when charged with indecent exposure?

A successful defence is also linked to cases where all the elements and aspects of indecent exposure charges are not determined. This is where our indecent exposure solicitors in London can intervene and offer immediate legal advice. Our team can negotiate with the prosecutors and solicit for the charges to be dropped, especially if there is no evidence that can sustain the case.

What happens if you plead guilty of indecent exposure?

Recognizing the indecent exposure accusations means pleading guilty and receive the maximum discount of 25% of the maximum sentence for such offences. As our criminal defence lawyers in London explain, a guilty plea demonstrates that a person regrets the behavior and the actions which lead to accusations of indecent exposure and related offences. Here is what happens next, right after you pleaded guilty:
  1. Our indecent exposure solicitors in London will work closely with the offenders in order for the charges to be dropped.
  2. You may plead guilty and tell that your actions were necessary to prevent a greater harm from happening.
  3. Lower penalties like home detention, a suspended sentence, a good behavior bond or a community service order can be issued.
  4. Legal representation and a complete defence are offered in the court of law.
Our indecent exposure solicitors in London are at your service with immediate legal advice and recommendations, so do not hesitate to ask for their support, at any time.

Why choose our criminal defence solicitors in London?

The experience in cases of indecent exposure offences and accusations is vast and our criminal solicitors in London can prepare the case in such a way that a less restrictive penalty is issued. The evidence will weigh much in the court of law and our indecent exposure solicitors in London are completely aware of this thing which is why they will attentively measure and verify all the aspects related to the case. The defence strategy depends from case to case so defending your rights when accusations of indecent exposure are brought may start at the police station. This is where your rights are entirely explained by our criminal solicitors in London.
For more details about the defence for indecent exposure accusations in UK, you are invited to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London and ask for legal advice, support, and representation in front of the authorities. Our legal services are at your disposal anytime, no matter the accusations brought.