Insurance Fraud Solicitors in London

Updated on Monday 20th May 2019

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Insurance fraud is often met in the real estate segment anywhere in the world, but not limited to this field. Fraudsters can provide false documents and make inflated claims just to get a sum of money from the insurance companies. If you deal with such accusations, we recommend you get in touch with our insurance fraud solicitors in London and find out how you can be helped by our team as cases of insurance fraud accusations are severe, therefore, you should ask for support from our criminal defence solicitors in London.

What is the meaning of insurance fraud?

Insurance fraud is a complex serious crime involving the intention to illegally obtain money from an insurance company. Such a crime can involve persons who deliberately cause an event (fire, floods, or other damages) just to claim the insurance. There are numerous properties in UK which are protected by important insurance companies involving large sums of money. The following aspects might be connected to fraudsters and property insurance:
  • False documents can be used to obtain large sums of money from insurance companies.
  • Fraudsters can intentionally set fire to a house in order to get the insurance money.
  • Causing different damages to a house just to get insurance is illegal in UK.
  • False insurance contracts can mention properties with low costs and over-insurance.
Whether if you are a victim of insurance fraud through your company or if you are an individual accused of such crimes, it is highly recommended to get in touch to a criminal defence lawyer in London and ask for immediate legal advice. Such accusations are severe, and persons involve can face lots of years of imprisonment. Our insurance fraud solicitors in London are at your disposal if you are found in such a position.

What are the losses due to insurance fraud?

In most cases, the losses are linked to huge sums of money which are stolen from the insurance companies. Even though the legislation is hard and complex in this area, there are also breaches that allow criminals to commit insurance frauds in UK. Moreover, there are cases in which insurance frauds cannot be detected in time like other criminal activities are. Insurance fraud may also refer to healthcare companies and persons who illegally claim varied sums of money in a fraudulent manner. There are also crime cases involving insurance frauds and especially related to wealthy families and huge insurance policies. In any case, the losses are enormous and involve large amounts of money. If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend you talk to our insurance fraud solicitors in London at any time.

The difference between hard and soft insurance frauds

There are two major cases of insurance fraud: the hard ones and the soft ones. Soft fraud refers to invented loss plans like theft, auto collisions or burglary which are protected by a normal insurance policy. As for the hard ones, these are in many cases related to opportunistic frauds and premium insurance policies of luxury vehicles or expensive houses, but not limited to these. Health care insurance, life insurance, property insurance, and auto insurance are the most important coverages met anywhere in the world. Let us remind you that if you have been accused of insurance fraud in UK, you have the right to talk to a lawyer. Our insurance fraud solicitors in London are at your disposal with immediate legal advice and representation.

How can our criminal defence solicitors in London help?

Being an experienced team in such matters, our insurance fraud solicitors in London are at your service if accusations of such serious crimes have been brought to you. On the other hand, our team understands that such cases can affect people involved and especially the victims in a large percent. No matter the circumstances of your case, whether you are a victim of insurance fraud or a person accused of such crimes, it is highly recommended to ask for legal advice from our criminal defence lawyers in London. The experience in such cases will play a major role when establishing the grounds and the defence for your case. The point is to pay attention to all the evidence involved and to each detail, in order to create the needed defence in the court of law. We remind that insurance frauds are serious crimes for which imprisonment is issued, in numerous cases for many years.
We kindly invite you to contact our insurance fraud solicitors in London and find out the ways in which we can provide immediate legal advice. Support and assistance are provided as soon as your case has been presented to us.