Investigation for a Crime in UK

Updated on Wednesday 14th November 2018

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Persons who have been accused of crimes like fraud, corruption, bribery, domestic violence, traffic offences or drug possession among many others and kept in police custody have the right to defend themselves. During the investigation of a crime or serious offence, an individual can be represented in front of the authorities by our criminal defence solicitors in London who can explain his/her rights and the applicable law in this situation. Even companies involved in a crime investigation by the police can rely on our defence services in UK.

A few aspects about the investigation of a crime in UK

Once the charges have been presented, an individual can be sent to police custody until the first hearing in front of the magistrates. We remind that persons arrested for different crimes have the right to apply for bail, a matter where our defence solicitors in London can help establishing the terms and conditions. Meanwhile, the investigation regards the grounds and the circumstances of the crime, whether there are witnesses and solid evidence. In this case, the prosecutors are the ones who provide to the authorities the proof which sustains the charges, while the police investigate the case.

For a better understanding of how crimes are investigated in UK and about how our criminal solicitors in London can help, we invite you to watch the video below: 


Your rights at the police station in UK

From the beginning, it is good to know that a person kept in police custody can ask for a solicitor who can explain the rights and further details about the investigation of the crime. Our defence solicitors in London remind their clients that they have the right to silence and to not speak anything before legal support is provided. Furthermore, a person cannot stay in police custody for more than 24 hours without serious charges, except the case where a magistrate or a higher rang officer imposes a different order. After 24 hours, the offender is sent in front of the magistrates, where the facts and the case are presented, as part of the investigation of the supposed crime. Complete legal support during an investigation of a crime can be offered by our criminal lawyer in UK.

Legal representation at the police station by our criminal defence solicitors in London

Our defence lawyers are able to provide you with legal advice in the police custody, no matter the accusations brought to you. You will also be presented the manner in which the police interview takes place, in order to know your rights. Even more, our team of solicitors in London can analyze the information and the circumstances of your case for a suitable approach in front of the authorities. Please consider that any breach of rights while in police custody may lead to legal consequences which can be applied as soon as they are discovered.

Additional details about the investigation for a crime in UK and the legislation in this matter can be obtained from our team of criminal defence solicitors in London, if you contact us.