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Updated on Tuesday 23rd April 2019

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Kidnapping is the term used for the illegal crime act of abducting persons or group of persons. Those accused of kidnapping face serious consequences and can be sent for life imprisonment in severe situations where murder is involved. Women and children are the most vulnerable persons in cases of kidnapping and the authorities in UK continue to fight against the phenomenon. If you are a person accused of kidnapping or if you are a victim of such offences, we strongly recommend you get in touch with our team of kidnapping solicitors in London. Complete assistance and information are offered by our criminal defence solicitors in London at any time.

Child abduction and the law in UK

Child abduction is part of the kidnapping crimes that have serious consequences. Such cases are extremely complex and in most of the cases involve one of the parents who, through varied disputes and even divorce cases, decide to take a child without the consent issued in the court of law. Separated families involved in child abduction are treated extremely serious in UK and can be described as follows:
  • The parent or the mother takes the child out of UK without an agreement in this sense.
  • There are cases in which the residence order is not respected, and the child is kept for more than just a few days as agreed by the institutions.
  • The minor child is established in a foreign country without permission from one of the parents.
  • A child is not permitted to get in touch with one of the parents.
Our kidnapping solicitors in London will have to communicate with the international authorities and decide in the same direction when it comes to legal advice and support. It is important to know that there are numerous international agreements that apply to kidnapping cases, and among these, the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction which is also applicable in UK. Several protocols and civil declarations have been signed by UK with numerous countries. The legal advice of experts and particularly of our kidnapping solicitors in London is vital and parents who are involved in child abduction cases should seek immediate help from our team.

What is the difference between kidnapping and abduction?

According to the laws in Great Britain, kidnapping refers to persons illegally imprisoned for which financial ransom is requested. As for abduction, this crime involves children or persons taken without their will, using force and/or deception, whether in the country or cross-borders. The prosecution will have to determine if such persons involved have been abducted or kidnapped without consent and against their will, in order for the case to be presented in the court of law. There are also cases of false kidnapping, usually conducted by persons who want to gain money through this kind of crimes. Our kidnapping solicitors in London have extensive experience in such cases and can provide legal advice for individuals accused of such crimes or can represent victims of abduction and kidnapping. Here are a few facts about kidnapping you need to know:
  1. The Crown Court deals with kidnapping and abduction, serious criminal offences for which the sentence varies depending on a series of factors.
  2. Parents abducting their children can face serious years of imprisonment.
  3. Cases where the use of weapon and threatening are involved have complex implications.
  4. The sentence will be issued depending on the level of violence if rape or assault are involved.
The Child Abduction Act 1984 refers to the cases in which minors or persons are abducted or kidnapped and the ways in which the legislation applies. If you would like to know more in this direction, feel free to get in touch with our kidnapping solicitors in London.

Asking for help from our criminal defence solicitors in London

The experience of a kidnapping solicitor in London will weigh much in a kidnapping or abduction case, therefore, it is recommended to ask for advice. A strong defence for individuals accused of kidnapping starts with a verification in this matter, looking for evidence and determining if a serious crime is involved or not. These are complex cases, whether you are a victim of kidnapping or you have been accused of such crimes.
We kindly invite you to address your inquiries to our kidnapping solicitors in London and contact our team of specialists if you have been accused of kidnapping or child abduction. Let our advisors tell you more about your rights and solicit complete legal advice.