Laws Related to Violent Crimes

Updated on Wednesday 26th October 2016

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The violent crime in the UK is considered to be an act or a behavior in which an individual uses force against his victim. Terrorism, robbery, drug offences or kidnapping are part of the violent crimes category. We can also mention the public disorders or the public disturbs as violent crimes. It is good to know that if you are being accused of violent crimes like the ones mentioned above, you can solicit the help and legal assistance from our defence solicitors in London. The Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 in UK stipulates the entire range of violent crimes and the settled punishments.

Dealing with the violent crimes in the UK Court of Law

A trial for a violent crime starts in the Magistrate Court, and you can be condemned and then sent for sentence to the Crown Court. The UK legislation refers to two categories of trial, and here we mention the summary and the indictment. The summary refers to the trials made in the Magistrates Court, and the indictment brings up the trials from the Crown Court. Take into consideration that our criminal defence lawyers in London can offer all the needed legal assistance in the Court of Law, if you are involved in cases of violent offences.

Sentences for violent crimes in the UK

In the UK, the maximum sentence for violent crimes is life in prison, but most defendants are released on parole after serving 12 or 15 years, for a single murder, for example. It is good to know that the UK government has amplified the time to be served in prison, also called “tariffs”, for the worst criminals. For serious offenders, determinate terms of detention are still extensively applied.

A defence solicitor in London will properly analyze your case and all the circumstances and then will offer legal advice and representation. It is recommended to ask for help if you find yourself accused of violent offences. A suitable approach of your case is mandatory, in order to receive the best possible result.

Our team of criminal defence solicitors in London is specialized in a wide range of violent crimes and can help you with guidance and legal assistance, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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