Legal Aid and Advice Act In UK

Updated on Saturday 20th May 2017

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The Legal Aid and Advice Act 1949 was meant to help the people obtain free access to legal advice and representation in the court of law. Although this law was contested in numerous times, the Legal Aid and Advice Act 1949 still has validity nowadays, guiding and helping people in different situations to benefit from free legal aid if they cannot afford it. If you want to know more details in this matter you can get in touch with our defence solicitors in London who can also offer defence services for individuals accused of serious offences in the UK.

The base of the Legal and Advice Act in the UK

The justice system in England was revised way back in 1914 when solicitors were part of all kind of organizations meant to help a special category of people with legal aid and representation for free. The Poor Persons’ Committees were easily registered in the main cities in the UK, most of them with attorneys as volunteers who accepted cases of serious offences or domestic violence where the individuals involved couldn’t afford to pay the costs of legal advice. This system developed in the 30’s and 40’s with the help of the Treasury in the UK which supported the expenses in this matter. According to the Legal Aid and Advice Act in 1949, persons who risk losing their homes, who are victims of abuse, or who are accused of different offences with no evidence in this matter have the right to defend themselves and to ask for legal aid if they cannot afford to pay for a solicitor and his/her services. Moreover, individuals who need family mediation can also request legal aid.

Our criminal solicitors in UK have a vast experience in serious offence cases and can offer complete support and legal advice once your case has been received. 

What you need to know about the legal aid in UK

The legal aid is meant for persons who cannot afford to pay for an attorney, the authorities in the UK dealing with the expenses in such case. Before you obtain the legal aid, you will be asked about your financial situation and about the problem you are involved in. Even persons who are accused of crimes in the UK may solicit free legal aid if they do not have enough funds to support the services of an attorney.

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