Legal Aid for Domestic Abuse

Updated on Wednesday 24th May 2017

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The cases where a domestic abuse has been registered and reported may involve persons who do not afford the costs of hiring an attorney for legal representation in the court of law. This is when a person can solicit legal aid and provide the necessary information about their financial situation and the circumstances of the abuse, even if children are involved. If you want more details in this matter or if you need defence services in crime offence cases, we invite you to ask for legal support and advice from our criminal defence solicitors in London.

Conditions to obtain legal aid in domestic abuse cases in UK

There are numerous cases of family abuse or domestic violence where women and children are involved. If you find yourself in this situation, it is best to report the abuse to the police and to solicit legal aid if you cannot pay for the costs of a lawyer. The authorities in charge (the Legal Aid Agency) with offering the legal aid will need to obtain proof regarding your situation, for instance, police testimony, details about your health treatment after a domestic abuse, financial information about your situation. Even if you are a person who is in danger of losing his/her home, due to family violence or other severe problems, you have the right to solicit legal aid and to be involved in no costs. Please solicit help and legal advice from our criminal lawyers in UK information about the conditions to obtain legal aid and about how our team can offer support in crime cases.

Legal representation in a domestic abuse case

Once you have reported a domestic violence case to the police, it is recommended to solicit legal services from an attorney. Details in this matter can be obtained from the police officer in charge of your case, who can guide you if you need legal aid with no costs. We remind that the domestic abuse means:

•    violent behavior;
•    sexual violence;
•    rape;
•    physical assault;
•    abusive behavior;
•    hitting;
•    bullying;
•    threatening.

No matter the case, make sure to look for help in legal matters, especially if you are a victim of abuse or a witness. Moreover, if you have been accused of domestic violence and then kept into custody, you are eligible to solicit defence services for your case.

We suggest you get in touch with our team of criminal defence solicitors in London for comprehensive information in this matter.


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