Legal Representation for Business Crime in UK

Updated on Tuesday 07th November 2017

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Local or foreign businessmen who are involved in a business crime case are advised to receive the legal advice of our criminal solicitors in London. Our specialists can represent you in any business crime case, such as fraud allegations or bribery and corruption. If you find yourself accused of different frauds, it is best to ask for suitable help because our team can make a full analysis of your case, in order to give the best possible approach in the court of law.

Business crimes in UK 

Our criminal solicitors in UK are specialized in a wide range of business crime cases and they can offer you legal representation in the following:

•    bribery cases;
•    corruption cases;
•    fraud cases;
•    confiscation of assets;
•    accusations brought for the company directors;
•    money laundering cases;
•    investment fraud cases;
•    disciplinary procedures cases, referring here to the allegations addressed to company’s employees. 

Business crimes, such as money laundering or fraud cases, are also investigated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which has the legal power to issue fines for companies that were suspected of financial misconductFCA can impose financial penalties, issue warning notes or decisions that will be enforced on the company, but it can also withdraw company’s authorizations. In the situation in which your company was fined by FCA, it is advisable to receive legal representation from our criminal lawyers in London

 Business crime solicitors in UK 

Persons involved in the above above-mentioned crime cases should know that our solicitors can provide assistance in any case. Our team can also offer their input when the police or other authorities would like to address to these persons to investigate a corporate crime in which the company or representatives of the company may be involved in. Natural or legal persons can address to our attorneys when they think they may be prosecuted for such a crime, or when they have been charged with a business crime. Our solicitors can offer assistance throughout this process by offering recommendations for the interview with the authorities, by helping you apply for bail, and by preparing the trial or negotiate upon the case. 

If you want to know more details about how we can help you in business crime cases, we invite you to watch the video below:


Legal representation in case of fraud in the UK

A fraud offence in the UK means any act which results in returns due to illegal activities as mentioned in the Fraud Act 2006. Fraud by abuse of position, fraud by failing to disclose information and fraud by false representation are criminal acts which is punished with imprisonment in the UK. The intention of gaining material advantages or of other matters for personal reasons or for someone else is definitely a fraud act. If you are being accused of fraud, we strongly recommend you seek legal advice from our criminal lawyers in London who have comprehensive experience in such matters. The entire case will be properly investigated and complete support throughout the process will be offered. Having a good defence and giving full sustenance upon your innocence in the court of law are part of your release from fraud charges.

Legal representation in case of money laundering in the UK

Money laundering is a criminal conduct where a person uses certain financial institutions to disguise the original possession and control of different assets gained through criminal activities. If you have been accused of money laundering in the UK, we suggest you ask for legal representation from our criminal lawyers in London who can analyze the circumstances and the charges, looking for breaches and a correct approach in front of the prosecutors and magistrates.

Legal representation for corruption cases in the UK

Corruption is a widespread problem with important implications, where people from different social backgrounds offer particular awards to gain all kinds of benefits, money or assets. Numerous cases involve politicians and businesspersons worldwide. Regarding the UK, if you have been accused in a corruption case, you should solicit immediate help and legal advice from our attorneys in the UK. They can assist the accused individuals kept in police custody or they can support them starting from the first hearing in the court of law. Institutions or persons in the UK can be unfairly accused of corruption offences, which is why our team of lawyers with a solid background in such situations will try to remove such charges in a lawful and moral act, with truthful proof.

If you need to be represented in a business crime case, please contact our criminal lawyers in the UK.



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