Legal Representation for Serious Harm

Updated on Wednesday 01st February 2023

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According to the Criminal and Justice Act 2003, a serious harm is related to murder or serious personal injury in particular circumstances. Any individual accused of serious harm can be sent into custody and can receive life imprisonment. Our criminal defence solicitors in London are here to offer legal representation in front of the authorities and can explain the rights in such situation. For any serious offence accusation, it is recommended to ask for legal support.

The risk of serious harm explained by our criminal solicitors in London

Depending on the circumstances, a robbery can be considered or not a serious harm. For instance, if a robbery happened under a lethal weapon threat, this case is considered a significant risk of serious harm. If no violence or serious psychological harm has been done under the threat of a lethal weapon, this case is not issued as a risk of serious harm.  It is good to know that an individual accused of repetitive violent or sexual crimes without a serious harm is not considered dangerous, but such conduct it is definitely punished in accordance with the law in UK. Persons charged with serious harm should ask for legal support from our defence solicitors in London who can analyze the case and adopt a suitable approach in front of the authorities, starting with legal representation at the police station.

Possession and/or cultivation of drugs, production of controlled drugs, and sale of forbidden drugs are just some of the crimes that can send you to prison. If you are involved in cases of this kind, we recommend that you contact one of our drug lawyers and benefit from specialized support. I can guide you in the steps to the best results.

How can we help in serious harm cases?

The accusations of serious harm in UK are treated in accordance with the rules and regulations mentioned in the Criminal and Justice Act 2003, where offenders, both minors or adults can face imprisonment. The circumstances need to be properly investigated, especially if there are considerations that a crime did not involve serious harm like personal injury or murder. No matter the case, whether serious harm has been done or not, proper legal advice is mandatory. Our team of defence solicitors in London can offer legal advice and representation as soon as the charges of serious harm have been made. It is mandatory to have a legal representative with experience in such cases, therefore, you can rely on our criminal lawyers in UK who can also offer legal support if you want to apply for bail.

Please feel free to get in touch with our team of criminal defence solicitors in London for complete information about how can we help individuals accused of serious harm in UK.