Legal Representation in Cases of Benefit Fraud

Updated on Friday 25th August 2017

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The benefit fraud is considered a serious crime in UK and it is punished in accordance with the rules and regulations in this matter.  Such crime implies persons who do not declare all the benefits, savings or gains obtained. If you have been accused of benefit fraud, it is suggested to ask for comprehensive legal support which can be obtained from our criminal defence lawyers in London. No matter the accusations, make sure to get in touch with our team of advisors for a better understanding of your rights.

Types of benefit frauds in UK

Fraud can be seen in varied forms, such as using a false identity to claim benefits in certain areas, asking for social contributions as a single parent but living with someone, not providing the real status of the finances in order to claim certain benefits like social aid. Even more, if a person does not notice the benefits office that his/her situation has changed, in order to provide to another person several benefits, he/she can be accused of benefit fraud. This is a serious situation when our defence solicitors in London can offer legal assistance.

How we can help in cases of benefit fraud

Obtaining the governments’ benefits in illegal manners is considered benefit fraud and can be punished with years of imprisonment. In this case, the defence can be created with the premises that the individual did not know that he/she cannot receive certain benefits, on the contrary, the person believed that he/she was entitled to such right. It is true, there are cases when individuals have no idea they cannot receive particular benefits, but there are also situations when a person is aware that he/she commits a crime related to benefit fraud. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can prove you are not guilty of benefit fraud and, if kept in custody, our team can apply for bail on your behalf. Please consider that the legal support of a criminal lawyer in benefit fraud cases is mandatory, when a suitable approach to the case in front of the magistrates needs to be prepared.

Can I report a benefit fraud?

There are situations when persons know details about others who commit benefit fraud in the UK. It is suggested to report such serious crime to the police, especially if you are entitled to varied rights you cannot obtain for particular reasons.

Additional information about how we can help in cases of benefit fraud in UK can be obtained from our team of defence solicitors in London, if you contact us.


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