Legal Services for Victims of Fraud

Updated on Friday 23rd November 2018

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Fraud takes varied forms but in UK there are cases of offenders who want and succeed to obtain pecuniary advantages, money, or properties by deception. Victims of fraud are suggested to get in touch with the authorities in charge and to ask for legal support which can be offered by our team of criminal solicitors in London. Leaving a person without his or her legal rights through varied forms of deception means that the criminal can be judged for fraud.

Types of frauds presented by our criminal solicitors in London

Fraud is against the law regardless of the chosen manner. Here, we present a few examples of serious offences recognized as fraud, a matter where our criminal defence solicitors in London can deliver suitable guidance and legal assistance for victims involved:

1. Identity theft is when your private details are taken and identity fraud is when those details are used to execute fraud. Identity theft occurs when impostors access information about someone’s identity, like their name, date of birth or existing addresses, to commit identity fraud like opening a bank account, obtain credit cards, taking over your existing accounts. Identity theft can take place whether the fraud victim is alive or dead. Our defence solicitors in UK will precisely read, analyze and summarize your case in order to provide suitable information and legal guidance.

2. Individual fraud means any fraud that aims at an individual directly and can differ from deceits affecting businesses. Here we mention the following types of individual fraud: internet dialler frauds, abuse of a position of trust, land banking scams, goods sold as an investment, miracle health scam, etc. The criminal lawyer in London will provide you with legal support if you are a victim of individual fraud like the ones mentioned above.

3. Cyber crimes mean any criminal act dealing with computers, smartphones, and networks which are made against individuals or groups of individuals with an immoral motive to intentionally harm the status of the victim. Additionally, cyber crime also comprises traditional crimes conducted through the internet and here we mention phishing scams, cyber stalking, distribution of viruses, identity theft, distribution of indecent photos.

4. The false representation is another type of fraud which can be met in UK. This involves individuals who do not declare the real identity and who present false information in order to gain particular benefits. A false representation may be linked to the phishing emails which attract people with varied deceitful offers to deliver their bank accounts or related details. 

5. Fraudulent business in UK usually involves companies or business persons who supply or sustain a contract, but instead of a fair trading, the offender charges additional costs or expenses for a business he or she did not conclude. This type of fraud involves numerous people or companies for which a solid legal support is mandatory.

6. The abuse of position is a well-known type of fraud not only in UK but on an international scale. In order to gain all kinds of benefits, usually the material ones, a person can implement varied fraudulent strategies in the company in his or her area of activity, by taking advantage of the position in the firm. Persons accused of such offence, and if the consequences are severe, can face imprisonment.

For complete information about how we can help victims of fraud in UK from a legal point of view, we invite you to watch the video below: 

Legal advice if you are a victim of fraud

If you are a victim of identity fraud or identity theft, you should instantly take some elementary steps to avoid further crimes from occurring and to restore your good name and credit. Navigating through the scheme as a victim can be time-consuming and unclear, so it is necessary to ask immediately for legal advice and proper help from our team. Our criminal solicitors in London will accurately read, examine and review your situation, our team being specialized in a wide range of cyber stalking crimes, identity theft, and other cyber frauds

Persons who consider that an offence related to abuse of position, or false representation took place should directly ask for legal support, as such cases are treated seriously by the UK authorities. Victims of fraud can be legally represented in the court of law by our team of advisors, regardless of the type of fraud detected.

We invite you to contact our team of defence lawyers in UK, in order to receive legal services if you are a victim of fraud.