Legal Services in Case of Private Prosecution

Updated on Wednesday 14th November 2018

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Private prosecutions offer a suitable legal remedy to enterprises, managers, and persons who choose to begin criminal actions without recourse to the conventional state prosecution organizations. The criminal proceedings can be determined by registered private prosecutors in UK who must respect and act in accordance with the provisions of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985. Our defence solicitors in London can offer legal representation and proper information in cases of private prosecutions in the UK.

The meaning of private prosecution in the UK

The state prosecution agencies are sometimes struggling with dedicating the time and the resources necessary to investigate and initiate the criminal proceedings. Where such an obstacle is met, the private prosecutions in UK  may provide to legitimate victims with an attractive substitute meant to realize proficient and operative justice in the UK. If you represent a company which has suffered profit loss due to fraud or other business associated crime, please bear in mind that a person or a regulator tasked with conducting criminal prosecutions can help in this sense because the consequences of such crimes can be intensely harmful.

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Legal services in case of private prosecution in the UK

Beginning and seeing through a private prosecution  should not be taken informally as there may be important cost implications. In this case, it is important to search for guidance as soon as you can and our team of criminal defence solicitors in London can help you with information about planning the investigation. They can suggest on how to protect yourself or your business and bring forward those responsible for accounting, as quickly and competently as possible.

The criminal defence solicitors in London can counsel organizations on a wide range of issues, counting on pertinent deliberations when accusing employees of crimes committed against the enterprise, like theft in the workplace, or in respect of losses as the result of forging of goods or violation of trademark. In many situations, beginning a private prosecution may be the only suitable and balanced reply, but for others, it may be more prudent to consider civil proceedings or to simplify the participation of the state prosecution agencies.

Advantages of the private prosecution in UK presented by criminal solicitors in London

Private prosecutions in UK are determining the fraud cases in a fast and reliable manner and are completely concentrated in this direction, compared to the public ones who must consider different conditions. Likewise, if the Crown Prosecution Service or the CPS as it is known in UK refuses to deal with a particular fraud case or cannot conclude the case, the investigation in this sense can be handled by the private prosecution. Victims of fraud usually consider the support of private prosecution in UK regardless of the complexity of the case and the costs. Our criminal solicitors in London are at your disposal with defence services if you have been accused of fraud and have been detained in the police custody. The same team can explain the implications of private prosecutors in varied crime cases. 

For extra information and guidance regarding private prosecution in the UK, please feel free to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.