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Updated on Wednesday 06th September 2023

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Do you need guidance from a legal point of view for the problems you are facing? We invite you to discover our legal services in London and to contact us for complete information on the matter that interests you. Find in this article some details about our services in various areas of legislation that can be covered by our criminal defence solicitors in London.

Police station representation

Persons detained in police custody following criminal charges can benefit from legal support from our specialists. We represent clients in cases such as:
  • fraud,
  • money laundering,
  • burglary,
  • bribery and corruption,
  • drug offences,
  • drink and drive offences,
  • domestic violence,
  • cyber crime cases.

Most of the time, the presented cases are not supported by solid evidence, as a result, those in police custody can escape the charges, with a good lawyer on their side. Our criminal lawyers in London can represent your interests in this case.

Legal aid lawyers at your disposal

Depending on the circumstances and conditions, people facing legal problems can opt for and even receive legal aid. This service is free, namely the representation by a legal aid solicitor in London, without costs. The eligible cases for legal aid in UK are those in which people have been abused in the family and at the same time risk losing their home. At the same time, individuals who do not have enough funds to contact a specialized lawyer when they need it must prove this issue, and then wait for the response of the Legal Aid Agency in UK.

These are only two examples of cases in which those looking for legal advice can benefit from free services. Contact our legal aid lawyers for assistance.

Our drug solicitors in London can represent you

Have you been accused of drug possession and/or consumption? Are you in police custody? We recommend that you immediately contact one of our drug solicitors in London for legal advice. Accusations of this kind are quite serious and can have severe consequences if you are found guilty. But to learn more about your rights and defense strategies, don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you get rid of such accusations.

Dealing with domestic violence? Contact us!

People accused of domestic abuse should talk to a specialized lawyer. Many of these cases can be successfully resolved if there is adequate legal advice. Also, people who want to report a case of domestic violence can also call on our experts. In this case, a request for a restrictive order can be drawn up, which can be put into effect immediately. Contact us online or by phone to find out the information that interests you, helped by our criminal solicitors in London.

Our fraud lawyers can offer defence strategies

Are you facing fraud charges? Were your assets seized for an investigation? You have solutions at hand to get over these unwanted situations as quickly as possible. Our serious fraud lawyers in London can tell you what steps to follow in this case, what kind of investigation is being done, and what evidence can incriminate you or vice versa. You must know at every moment how your situation is presented, and a specialized lawyer is more than recommended, especially since he/she has experience in fraud.

Therefore, you can contact our criminal defence solicitors in London for representation before the court and for other related legal issues. It is very important to know your rights and have them explained to you by a specialist.