Legislation Related to Police Station Representation in UK

Updated on Thursday 11th August 2016

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It is well known that there are certain codes of practice regarding the rules about police behavior, these being accompanied by laws about some of the things the police can and can't do. Moreover, people who are accused of committing a crime in United Kingdom (whether it's a serious one or not) and detained at the police station should be aware that they have the right to legal assistance of a criminal lawyer

Our London criminal solicitors can legally assist you if you are subject to such a situation.

Information you should know after you've reached the police station in UK

The police officers should inform you about your rights, once you've arrived at the police station. You have the right to let someone know you've been arrested and also can benefit from legal advice (this can be delayed in severe criminal cases). You should also be allowed to look at the police codes of practice, and, if needed, to benefit from medical help. Moreover, you have the right to obtain a written copy of your custody record at the time you are released. You are allowed to see a translator, if you are not speaking English.

The police officers are not permitted to detain you for more than 24 hours without charging you, unless a magistrate gives them the permission, but if you are suspected of a serious crime, you might be held at the police station up to 96 hours.

If you need relevant information on the legislation related to the police representation in UK, our defence solicitors in London can help you in the matter.

Legal advice after detainment at the police station in UK 

Every person who happened to be detained at the police station must know that he/she has the right to free-charge legal advice from the duty solicitor. The request of the detainee will be passed to the Defence Solicitor Call Centre. In the case of less serious offences, the Call Centre will refer you to Criminal Defence Service Direct, where solicitors in London will offer you legal advice by the telephone. This procedure is acceptable in the case of offences such as: disorderly behavior, drink driving and breaches of bail. 

On the other hand, you may see a criminal solicitor in UK in person and ask for his/her legal advice in the cases of being accused of a serious offence or you are considered to be vulnerable. In addition, face-to-face meeting with a defence solicitor is permitted when the police intend to interview you under caution.

Consequently, you must know that after you've asked for legal advice, the police officers are not normally allowed to question you. You are not required to answer any questions until you have seen a criminal solicitor in London

Contact our criminal lawyers in London in order to help you in any of the problems mentioned above, taking care that you are aware of the legislation related to police station representation in UK.


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