Legislation Related to Theft Charges in UK

Updated on Saturday 17th September 2016

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Theft involves crimes like taking an individual's belongings without asking for his permission, or in other words taking properties without authorization. The Theft Act 1968 defines and categorizes many theft cases, the legal effects and how they can be managed by the UK authorities. If you are accused of theft it is recommended to solicit help and legal assistance from our criminal defence lawyers in London.


Types of theft charges in the UK

Situations like petty theft which means stealing someone’s property with a value established by the law, or a grand theft which means stealing goods with a high value, as prescribed by the law, are seriously crimes punished with imprisonment. Burglary and robbery are also considered criminal offences and they enter in the theft charges category. An individual is guilty of robbery if he steals and robs someone, using force and intimidation. The sentence is up to ten years, or, if the consequences are severe, the individual can receive life imprisonment. Regarding burglary, the sentence will not exceed 14 years, but if there are also crimes involved, the situation might change and the verdict could be more severe. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can offer legal assistance and guidance if you find yourself in this situation. They will properly study your case and depending on the circumstances, they will choose the suitable defence in order to receive best possible result.

Theft means also financial crimes like falsification or forgery, and insurance fraud.These misdemeanors are called white collar crimes and they are often made by businessmen or individuals with high authority.

How can a defence solicitor help you in theft charges

Any type of theft offence conviction can badly influence a defendant chance to get a job in the future, so it is recommended to solicit help from our criminal defence lawyer in London. Take into consideration that theft defences can range from innocent mistake to serious frame and it is suggested to plead them in a proper way at the right moment. The defence solicitor will examine your charges and will defend you in the best possible manner.

You can contact us if you need legal assistance of if you need more information about the legislation related to theft charges in the UK.


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