Main Stages of a Lawsuit for Criminal Charges

Updated on Monday 26th November 2018

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Main Stages of a Lawsuit for Criminal Charges Image
The stages of a criminal case are complex and can be entirely explained by our criminal defence solicitors in London who can represent you during the criminal proceedings and in the court of law. The prosecution can propose the plea bargain to an offender accused of crimes before a trial begins, but for complete legal support, we recommend you talk to our team of advisors who can represent you in front of the authorities.

Understanding the phases of a lawsuit in UK

An offender kept in police custody can be released on bail under certain terms and condition, but if the individual has a criminal record and the case is extremely serious, he/she goes to the court of law for the first appearance. The following stages are related to the criminal proceedings in the court of law in UK:
  • a preliminary hearing takes place in the court of law where the burden of proof is presented;
  • all offenders are considered not guilty of crimes until evidence is provided in the court of law by the prosecution;
  • a probable cause hearing takes place, a stage in which a magistrate hears the evidence in the case and decides if the probable cause exists;
  • if the offender pleads not guilty, the prosecution makes the opening statement in the court of law followed by the defence solicitor in London of the offender;
  • cross-examinations and witness testimonies are then presented in the court of law;
  • the prosecution and the defence are then making the closing arguments in front of the magistrates and jury;
  • the verdict is then presented by the jury to the judge;
  • sentencing is the next step if the offender is found guilty of crimes.
We remind that our team of criminal lawyers in London is at the disposal of anyone looking for a legal advice and representation in the court of law, in front of the authorities. Our advisors can properly represent your case in any of the criminal proceeding stages.

Can I appeal the sentence with the help of a defence solicitor in London?

Yes, all verdicts can be appealed with the help of your criminal defence solicitor in London before the Court of Appeal. If your lawyer considers that the verdict is not justified by the law, then it is the right situation to appeal the sentence. Also, there are cases in which procedural mistakes take place, therefore, an offender is entitled to appeal the verdict.
If you have been accused of crimes in UK and you are kept in police custody, feel free to call our team of criminal defence solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal assistance. We can represent you in the court of law at any time.