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Updated on Tuesday 02nd April 2019

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If you are accused of involuntary or voluntary manslaughter, you should contact one of our criminal defence solicitors in London who will represent you in front of the court. The difference between manslaughter and murder is that, in the first case, a person kills another one without intention. This is a very serious accusation and you can receive a maximum sentence of prison for life, that is why you should seek an experienced manslaughter solicitor in London. In a case of voluntary manslaughter, your defence can be based on your diminished responsibility if you suffer from an abnormality of mental functioning and this was medically recognized. Another way of defence is the loss of control and the burden of disproving loss of control is on the prosecution. In case of involuntary manslaughter, your defence can be based on gross negligence, medical circumstances (when the person accused of manslaughter is a medical professional) or an unlawful act.  

How is the defence for manslaughter in UK?

Voluntary manslaughter is a serious offence that involves killings without intention and premeditation. There are many cases in which manslaughter is related to crimes made of passion and that because it might be the case of self-defence which leads to killing a person. As for the defence in the case of voluntary manslaughter, this is similar to the case of murder accusations. Our manslaughter solicitors in London can provide the needed legal assistance and the approach might refer to the justified claim actions, and to prove that they did not commit the crime. If the behavior didn’t meet the features of voluntary manslaughter, then the defence can be created in this direction. Let our criminal solicitors in London take care of your case if you have been accused of voluntary manslaughter, as they have experience in this matter and can offer legal support in accordance with the applicable legislation.

What is diminished responsibility in case of manslaughter?

The defence for diminished responsibility is mentioned by the Homicide Act 1957 and it can be used under the following requirements, in case of manslaughter accusations:
  1. The abnormality of mind is a different state of mind for which medical evidence is needed.
  2. The substantial impairment of mental responsibility can be used and accepted as a mitigating factor in varied high-profile situations.
  3. In the case of specified causes, persons accused of manslaughter might not be in full capacities (retarded, injury damage, etc.).
  4. The loss of control is used in many cases of voluntary manslaughter.
Our manslaughter solicitors in London are here to offer the necessary legal advice if you have trouble with the law and if you want legal representation in UK.

Sentences for manslaughter in UK

It is important to know that complete legal advice can be offered to offenders who have been accused of manslaughter in UK, in order to avoid the punishments imposed. The consequences for manslaughter are serious because criminals can be sent to jail for life, depending on the circumstances involved. However, the sentence starts with at least two years of imprisonment. Community service or suspended imprisonment terms can be set by the court of law in UK. Compared to murder, it is good to know that there is no compulsory sentence for manslaughter, however, the magistrate will give the final decision, in respect with particular guidelines as mentioned by the UK legislation. Passing the sentence in a case of manslaughter will depend on the level of culpability if the offender is considered a public threat if there are aggravating circumstances and if the person accused has a criminal history behind. In the case of life sentence for manslaughter, the burden is flexible, also depending on the culpability and the circumstances involved. You may ask our manslaughter solicitors in London and find out more about the legal representation we can provide for you in the court of law.

Details about involuntary manslaughter

In the case of no clear reasons for murder, such a serious offence can be categorized as involuntary manslaughter. Here are a few cases of involuntary manslaughter for which you can receive legal advice from our criminal lawyers in London:
  • corporate manslaughter occurs as a gross breach of the duty of care by a company in UK;
  • unlawful act of manslaughter involves the intentional unlawful act which leads to the death of a person;
  • subjectively reckless manslaughter is the act which leads to the death of an individual;
  • the case of gross negligence manslaughter often leads to murder and the death of a person;
Feel free to get in touch with our manslaughter solicitors in London and ask for complete legal advice if you have been accused of manslaughter

Why choose our manslaughter solicitors in UK?

The accusations of manslaughter are extremely serious, and persons found guilty of such crimes can receive life imprisonment. A solid and structured defence is normally provided by experienced lawyers in manslaughter cases because they know how to treat such cases in front of the authorities, in the court of law. A strong analysis of the evidence in a manslaughter case is the starting point for a strong defence, a matter where our team of criminal defence solicitors in London can offer legal assistance. We kindly invite you to talk to our manslaughter solicitors in London and ask for complete legal assistance if you have been accused of voluntary or involuntary manslaughter in UK. They can guide you throughout the entire trial.

For more details about the defence in case of manslaughter, you can contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London