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Updated on Thursday 22nd June 2023

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Our money laundering solicitors in London are at your service if you would like to know your rights in the case you have been accused of such serious crimes. You can solicit complete legal advice from our criminal defence solicitors in London and find out the support we can provide you in a court of law.

What does money laundering represent?

According to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, money laundering refers to cases involving sums of money that have been illegally gained through criminal activities and which need to be “cleaned” with the help of varied transactions. Offenders are looking for all sorts of methods to erase the tracking of money, like real estate transactions, bookkeeping tricks, and many more. There are also so-called front businesses that involve money laundering. False cash receipts are provided, and it is the most common method used by groups of criminals dealing with money laundering in UK.

Moreover, there are situations in which offenders make small deposits all over the world or only in the state they live in, a method called “money structuring”. Precious metals and jewelry are also used in the case of money laundering because it is quite simple from a logistics point of view as such assets can be easily moved from one place to another. Our money laundering solicitors in London can provide the needed legal advice for persons accused of such serious crimes.

A new anti-laundering set of laws in UK

Anti-Money Laundering or AML is the institution that fights against the phenomenon in UK. In addition, the Office for Professional Body Anti-Money Laundering Supervision, or OPBAS as it is called works closely with AML with a single yet important purpose and that is to implement a series of methods to combat such phenomenon. The Money Laundering Regulations 2017 comprises strict regulations about financial services, terrorist financing, and money laundering in UK, and the ways in which civil penalties and disciplinary measures are imposed.

Let our criminal solicitors in London take care of your case and provide you the needed legal advice if you have been accused of money laundering. It is advisable to ask for immediate legal assistance and representation from our money laundering solicitors in London and let us take care of your case and create the needed defence in front of the authorities.

Money laundering forms met in UK

Dealing with money laundering is a serious concern at an international level and there are many institutions that collaborate to fight against the phenomenon. Because it takes many forms, it is quite challenging to develop all sorts of methods and measures against such serious crimes. The following are among the known forms of money laundering met in UK and also worldwide:
  • shell companies and trusts are the types of vehicles that cover the real owners of the money in certain jurisdictions;
  • in the case of bank capture, criminals use particular countries and financial institutions where the legislation is weak;
  • black salaries, transaction laundering, and casinos are also used in the case of money laundering;
  • round-tripping is the type of method where the money is deposited in a foreign company controlled by a group of criminals.
We remind that our money laundering solicitors in London are here to provide complete defence for criminals accused of serious crimes like the above-mentioned ones. You can ask for our help at any time from our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.

Defence in money laundering cases in UK

It is important to have a solid strategy and ask for complete legal advice in case you have been accused and detained for money laundering and related crimes. Knowing the facts and the circumstances in the case of money laundering before the proceedings will be in the attention of our money laundering solicitors in London.

Our team of anti-money laundering lawyers will have to determine the particular facts of your case and see if there are any breaches concerning the Proceeds of Crime Act 2017. If there is not enough evidence and if the case cannot be sustained in front of the authorities, there are chances for you to be released on bail with the help of our money laundering solicitors in London.

Reporting suspicious activities

A suspicious activity report can be made when you consider that you have discovered such activities, either in the case of a company or involving public persons. The National Crime Agency in UK is the institution that accepts and analyzes the reporting of criminal activities of this kind, namely money laundering.

If you can provide more information, helped by our anti-money laundering lawyers, the agency will request it to be able to start the necessary steps. However, there are also cases in which the agency cannot respond to your request, so it can send letters such as the following:
  • Letter C closure for not meeting the standard criteria imposed by the agency.
  • Letter D for requesting more details on the case reported.
  • Letter E for not responding to letter D in time or having insufficient information.

Therefore, if you want to report suspicious financial activity, you can contact the agency mentioned above. We advise you to first of all discuss all legal aspects with our anti-money laundering lawyers.

Companies and money laundering in the UK

The phenomenon involving money laundering in companies is quite present in UK. That is why we recommend the legal support offered by our anti-money laundering lawyers, who have experience in the business sector, successfully representing clients. We can defend people accused of money laundering with the help of companies and other strategies, taking into account the fact that such accusations are quite serious.

Ways in which our money laundering solicitors can assist you

Our team of money laundering solicitors can assist customers in avoiding problems that comprise money laundering in varied ways, including:
  • Investigation for money laundering or changes with a money laundering offense, for which specialized legal advice can be requested right away.
  • Legal advice can be delivered on whether a report should be submitted to the National Crime Agency or not, in specific circumstances, plus information that such a report must include.
  • In order to ensure compliance in a business, our anti-money laundering lawyers can offer training on money laundering regulations.

We would like to highlight that we have solicitors with proficiency in defending money laundering accusations, who frequently collaborate and communicate with other lawyers and accountants concerning money laundering offences and compliance.

Do not hesitate to discuss more about defence against money laundering allegations with one of our criminal defence solicitors in London.

On the other hand, if you need a team of legal aid solicitors in London, you can get in touch with us and present your case, including if it deals with financial fraud or related crimes.

When is it recommended to act in a case of money laundering allegations?

When accusations of money laundering are brought against you and even an arrest is made, it is highly recommended to get in touch with a criminal defence lawyer in London immediately. A specialist in the field can represent you even from police custody, where your rights and defence strategies will be explained. Immediate action in this sense is essential for the course of your case.

Here is some information about money laundering in UK and in the world:
  • The most recent study shows that the UK ranks second in the world for money laundering activities.
  • The same report indicates that around GBP 88 billion is laundered every year, which represents around 3% of the total global GDP.
  • The United States ranks first in money laundering activities, with over GBP 216 billion reported annually.
Please do not hesitate to contact our team of criminal defence lawyers in London and ask for complete information about the defence we can provide for you.