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Updated on Thursday 18th February 2021

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Murder is normally the definition of homicide and a serious offence that involves a person killing someone, with the strict intention to do so. Our murder solicitors in London have extensive experience in manslaughter cases in UK and can provide in-depth support for persons accused of such crimes. Let our murder solicitors in London tell you more about your rights if you are kept in police custody for murder accusations.

Types of manslaughter – What you need to know

Voluntary and involuntary are the two types of manslaughter which can be defined as follows:
  • The voluntary manslaughter involves the loss of control and responsibility when killing someone.
  • Involuntary manslaughter means that a person killed somebody without the intention to do so.
  • Involuntary manslaughter might include gross negligence which led to murder.
  • Corporate killings (voluntary and involuntary) are comprised of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide 2007.
The accusations of murder are extremely serious and individuals can face life imprisonment if found guilty. Our murder lawyers are here to offer legal advice and representation, so do not hesitate to talk to one of our lawyers at any time. We remind that under the common law in UK, murder is defined as a criminal offence, where a person unlawfully kills someone, not in an act of self-defence.  Here is a video presentation that explains more:

Types of defences for murder

The defence for murder can be achieved by complete defences, like an alibi or self-defence, or partial defences. There are three partial defences for murder which can reduce the sentence to voluntary manslaughter. These three partial defences are governed by the Homicide Act 1957 and consist of:

1.    diminished responsibility;
2.    loss of control;
3.    suicide pact.

1.    Diminished responsibility

Diminished responsibility is defined by Section 2 of the Homicide Act 1957 and implies that the author of the unlawful killing cannot be convicted of murder if he or she was “suffering from an abnormality of mental functioning”. The abnormality of mental functioning has to be caused by a recognized medical illness. A murder solicitor can direct you to the most reputable psychiatrists who can present their evidence in front of the court.

2.    Loss of control

This partial defence for murder was adopted in 2010 and replaced the defence of provocation. Loss of control implies that the author of a murder acted as a result of loss of self-control, which presented a qualifying trigger that any person in the same circumstances would have reacted in the same way. The loss of self-control must not be abrupt, that can be considered as a case of domestic violence or abuse, and it has to exclude acts of revenge.

3.    Suicide pact

A suicide pact is outlined as a mutual agreement between two or more persons which results in the death of all of them, implying or not that each will commit suicide, however no action taken by a person who enters such a pact will be treated as done in achievement of the pact, except if it is undertaken while he or she has the agreed intention of dying. The defence has to prove that the accused had the intention of dying in such a pact. An individual who only witnesses a suicide, without having the intention of entering a suicide pact, cannot adopt this type of defence and could be found liable for prosecution for witnessing a suicide according to the Suicide Act 1961. If you are faced with allegations of murder, we can help you build a solid defence.

The trial for murder

As it is known, murder is treated seriously in UK and it is considered the most severe form of homicide, an indictable-only offence for which imprisonment is the sentence. The trial for murder in UK starts with the declarations of both parts, the confronters and the accused persons with the help of their murder solicitors. Besides that, any registered witness who did not express the necessity of keeping the name and personal information in a private manner must stand in front of the authorities in the court of law and make several statements about what they have witnessed.

It is good to know that even witnesses in the court of law in UK need to be supported by a solicitor who can offer relevant legal advice in the case.  As soon as the declarations have been recorded, the court needs to reveal the verdict which in most cases is the life sentence for murder cases. It is good to know that a minimum tariff is granted by the magistrates for offenders considered unduly lenient. On the other hand, persons convicted of crimes in the court of law can face life imprisonment. Such penalty is issued for cases of rape, robbery with criminal acts, and murdered persons, according to the Criminal Justice Act 2003. We remind that you can solicit legal support from our murder lawyers in London who can offer a proper defence in the court of law and who can prepare the case for the best possible results to avoid life imprisonment.

What court of law deals with murder cases?

The Crown Court is in charge of all the murder cases in UK, including the ones where foreign persons are involved. Our murder solicitors in London are at your disposal with immediate legal advice and support of you have been accused of murder.

The definition of diminished responsibility

The defence using diminished responsibility can reduce the murder charge to involuntary manslaughter, meaning that the offender will have to recognize the crime and claim he or she was mentally ill or the mental functions were diminished at the moment the crime took place. The sentence for manslaughter if diminished responsibility is accepted will normally send the offender to a hospital for treatment and related therapies, of course, under the strict supervision of the authorities.
Determining the category of offence and the level of seriousness will make the authorities in the court of law take into consideration a number of factors if guns were involved, if the offender has a criminal record or if he or she is known as a violent person and a public threat. The complexity of a murder case enters the attention of the prosecution and magistrates, however, a correct verdict will only be determined if all the aspects involved in a murder case are entirely explained. Witnesses in a murder case can play a major role and can direct the verdict in a different way if it is the case. You are invited to talk to our murder solicitors and find out more about the legal advice we can provide for murder cases.

What can I do if I’m accused of murder?

Murder accusations are extremely severe and can lead to life-changing aspects for which nobody is prepared (family, friends, relatives). Seeking for immediate legal advice is not only recommended but also mandatory from the first moment you deal with such accusations. Your murder solicitors in London will work closely with you and will provide essential legal advice as soon as the case is presented. It is important to know that you have the right to remain silent in front of the authorities until a murder solicitor in London gets in touch with you and explains your legal rights before any legal action takes place. This way, you have a good chance to attain a more favorable result, based on the evidence offered in the case. Here are some statistics about murder cases in UK:
  1. approximately 730 homicide cases were registered in UK in 2018.
  2. 33% represents the rate of killed women in UK.
  3. London and Manchester registered the most manslaughter cases in UK: around 300.
  4. 152 victims with ages between 16 and 24 were registered in Uk in 2018.

Murder trial – what to expect

In a murder trial in UK, the jury will have to decide, beyond a reasonable doubt, if the offender is guilty of murder or not. The circumstances and the consequences of the case can lead to life imprisonment as a final verdict or a minimum amount of time if sufficient evidence is not provided and if the jury is not entirely convinced. However, a solid defence is recommended for murder cases, and our criminal defence lawyers in London are at your service for comprehensive support. The experience of our murder lawyers in London will play a major role in the court of law, so if you are a person accused of murder, do not hesitate to talk to one of our specialists from the very beginning.
You are recommended and invited to contact our team or murder solicitors and ask for legal advice and representation in the court of law.