Offences Involving Animals

Updated on Thursday 22nd November 2018

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According to the Animal Welfare Act 2006, individuals who cause harm to animals (domestic or captive), whether they are protected or not by special laws, can face imprisonment in the UK. Also, if a person is in charge of a protected animal and lets another individual harm or apply inappropriate actions to such animal, he/she can also face particular punishments, in accordance with the related laws. We remind that if you are a person accused of bad treatments to animals, and you do not agree on such charges, it is suggested to ask for legal support from our criminal defence solicitors in London.

Offences related to animals

The summary offences represent several acts related to the harm of animals in varied ways. For instance, it is strictly forbidden to beat, mutilate, stab or kill animals which are protected by special laws in this matter. Furthermore, a person can be accused of serious offences if he/she shows in public inappropriate materials with harmed or mutilated animals, or fights with animals like dangerous dogs which are subject to particular rules.

The Pet Animals Act 1951 refers to pet shop owners in UK who must consider the important rules regarding the safety of the animals with the purpose of selling them. One should own a license in this matter and needs to keep the pets in a clean and safe environment, provide food and water, and protect them from diseases. Please keep in mind that the authorities who issue such license in UK have the right to verify the conditions mentioned above, and if not respected, they can report your situation to the police.

Our defence solicitors in London deal with numerous cases, including the ones related to animal harm and persons accused of such offences. Complete legal assistance can be offered on request by our team who will properly analyze your situation from the moment you have been kept in police custody.

The prevention of harm to animals 

The same Animal Welfare Act 2006 includes amendments for individuals who cause unnecessary harm to animals (domestic or captive), mutilate them or administrate poison with the purpose of causing death. An individual responsible for several animals must offer a proper environment and protect them from pain or injuries. If contrary, whether there are other purposes for keeping an animal, like illegal fights, the person can face imprisonment for such offences. Please keep in mind that if an animal is too harmed and needs to be killed, particular acts must be adopted, in accordance with the rules in this matter. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can explain the rules and regulations related to the harm of the animals, and the circumstances which are considered against the law. If you have been accused of summary offences related to the harm of animals, our criminal lawyers in UK can offer legal support in this matter.

For any other information about the offences involving animals, please do not hesitate to contact our team of defence solicitors in London.