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Updated on Friday 07th October 2016

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If you are involved in a police investigation regarding a criminal offence, and also detained, you have the possibility to apply for bail. The police will not release an individual on bail if consider about his identity, or considers he is a public threat and cannot attend to the law court. Our defence solicitors in London can offer details and legal assistance for persons who wish to apply for police bail in the UK.


Police bail conditions in the UK

If an individual is charged with criminal offences and detained in the police custody, he needs to appear in front of the court, in order to establish the bail. For this to take place, the Public Prosecution Service in the UK will analyze the criminal record and will pronounce if it considers the individual able to run away from the country or able to commit future offences. The police bail can be conditional or unconditional, and the arrested person will be out of custody if he offers details about the home address, and if he will not get in touch with particular persons that might interfere upon the case.

Under the Bail Act 1976, an individual can be held in custody until the hearing, if he breaks the police bail rules. In order to receive police bail and to understand the terms, it is recommended to solicit help and guidance from our criminal defence solicitors in London.

Receiving the court bail in the UK

The law court can allow the bail with certain conditions, but it can also refuse the bail and resend the defendant back to the police custody. Any individual has the right to be granted for bail, with specific conditions, if he hasn’t been sentenced for any criminal offence. The magistrate will not offer any bail if he considers that the defendant will interfere with the witnesses, or if he might commit other contraventions. The personal background, the nature of the offence, the power of the evidence, and of course, previous convictions will be properly verified before pronouncing bail.  If we are talking about an individual charged and released by the police on bail, he is obliged to appear in front of the law court in no more than 28 days. As a reminder, the judge will see if there is enough proof to relate the defendant to the criminal offence.

For additional information about the police bail conditions, you can contact our team of defence lawyers in London.


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