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Updated on Monday 08th January 2024

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Persons who are accused of committing a certain act that is restricted by the United Kingdom’s legislation and who are questioned or detained at the police station should know that they have the legal right to solicit help and guidance from an attorney. Our criminal solicitors in London can assist you if you are involved in such a situation. The experts in the field will provide police station representation right from the start. It is very important to know that persons detained at the police station can receive legal advice free of charge. 
 Quick Facts  
Who has the legal right to solicit representation at the police station?

Persons accused of crimes and kept in police custody

Types of crimes for which you can be detained

- theft,

- incidents under the influence,

- damage,

- assault,

- fraud

The rights of a person in police custody

 - medical support,

- free legal advice,

- translator,

- information about his/her rights

Support for minors (YES/NO) Yes 
First legal advice offered by our solicitors

To not answer questions while in police custody

Meetings and interviews with clients (YES/NO)


Legal aid at the police station

Depending on the case and circumstances

Representation 24/7 (YES/NO)


Senior lawyer for severe cases (YES/NO) Yes
Free initial consultation (YES/NO)


Representation in various cities (YES/NO)


Representation for minor offences (YES/NO)


Legal advice in criminal investigation (YES/NO)


Approaches for your case

- case verification,

- persuading prosecution for dropping charges,

- complete legal advice

 Legal advice in emergency cases Our defence solicitors in London can provide legal assistance at the police station anytime. 

 Are there bans on leaving the country under police investigation?

In certain situations, the authorities can impose this restriction. 

Dedicated solicitors for police custody cases 

We have specialists with experience in dealing with police custody cases in the UK. 

Pending investigation   Offenders can be informed in police custody if an investigation is started.
Can I be kept in police custody for road traffic incidents?  

 Yes, but depending on the circumstances

Defence for organized crime cases 

 We represent individuals kept in police custody if accused of organized crimes.

Expert guidance and legal advice provided  

Our clients can be represented at the police station and informed about their rights and further legal actions. 

 Police powers of arrest 

A police officer must identify himself/herself, and tell the reasons for the arrest. 

Recommendation at the time of arrest  

Not telling anything until represented by a defence solicitor 

Can personal belongings be confiscated in police custody?  Yes, personal belongings are detained by a police officer until the case is concluded. 
Fingerprints and samples 

The police have the right to take samples and fingerprints from arrested individuals, depending on the case. 

 Voluntary police interview under caution

Voluntarily attending police interviews in criminal cases, if a connection is concerned. 

 Experience of our police station solicitors

We are experts in criminal law and can represent individuals kept in police custody. 

 Bail representation

Our defence lawyers can apply for bail on your behalf. 

 Why work with our criminal defence solicitors in the UK? We are determined to find the optimal defence strategies for our customers, we have experience in police custody cases, and we provide complete legal services at affordable costs. 

Police station representation – custody rights 

Persons who are arrested for committing a certain felony are usually held in custody at the police station. Regardless if the person is released from custody or charged for a criminal act, he or she has the right to receive: 
  •     free legal advice;
  •     medical help, if it is necessary;
  •     a Code of Practice which specifies the internal rules followed by the police;
  •     a notice about the basic legal rights of a detained person;
  •     an interpreter, if the person does not speak English. 

A teenager under 18 who is involved in a criminal case and kept in police custody, must not answer any questions and needs to make no declarations if a parent or tutor is not present, besides the attorney. We strongly recommend you consider the legal rights when in police custody, which is why you should solicit complete information from our team of criminal defence lawyers in London about police station representation. The following infographic might help you:


Penalties if you do not collaborate with the police

Besides being aware of the legal rights, one should know that normal behavior and collaboration are mandatory while in police custody. We remind that individuals who suddenly adopt violent behavior while being questioned by the police can be handcuffed. In the same situation, if the person kept in custody wants to escape from the policereasonable force can be used by the authorities. These types of behaviors need to be avoided, in order to correctly apply for bail

Family mediation or domestic violence are cases for which you may be eligible for legal aid in the UK. You can benefit from the support of our legal aid solicitors in London who have experience in cases like these and who can offer you the necessary legal advice to better overcome the problems you are facing. Contact us for immediate assistance if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

Who can be kept in police custody?

Youngsters under 18 and individuals over this age who were involved in theft, burglary, property damage, cyber crimes, and many other serious offences can be arrested and held in police custody, until further hearing in a court of law. If you have been arrested by the police, we recommend you solicit police station representation from our attorneys. Knowing the legislation and given the circumstances, our team will adopt a suitable approach to clarify your situation and get rid of charges.

We invite you to watch a comprehensive video about our legal services for individuals kept in police custody and police station representation:


Legal assistance at the police station in London 

Persons held in custody can receive the legal assistance of our police station representatives, who have extensive experience in advising individuals who are suspects in a certain crime. Our lawyers in London can offer you police station representation and assistance by providing you legal advice on the police detention situation or the legal possibilities for which you can take action during the arrest. Our representatives can also give advice on how the police interview should be approached. The defence solicitors have the legal obligation to enforce your rights while being held in arrest. The criminal solicitors in London can obtain information about the case you are involved in and the grounds for which you are held under police arrest. You can be held at the police station for up to 24 hours in the first instance, but if you become suspicious of a serious crime, the detention can last up to 96 hours.
It is well known that there are certain codes of practice regarding the rules about police behavior, these being accompanied by laws about some of the things the police can and can't do. Moreover, people who are accused of committing a crime in the United Kingdom (whether it's a serious one or not) and detained at the police station should be aware that they have the right to legal assistance from a criminal lawyer for police station representation

Our drug solicitors in London are at your disposal if you want legal representation and support for the accusations brought. We can also represent minors implicated in such cases. The evidence, police reports, and other documentation that enter our attention will be properly verified so that we can adopt specific defence strategies for your case. Instead of being involved in a complicated case, you should discuss all the details with one of our lawyers.

Information you should know after you've reached the police station

The police officers should inform you about your rights, once you've arrived at the police station. You have the right to let someone know you've been arrested and also can benefit from legal advice (this can be delayed in severe criminal cases). You should also be allowed to look at the police codes of practice, and, if needed, to benefit from medical help. Moreover, you have the right to obtain a written copy of your custody record at the time you are released. You are allowed to see a translator if you are not speaking English. The police officers are not permitted to detain you for more than 24 hours without charging you unless a magistrate gives them permission, but if you are suspected of a serious crime, you might be held at the police station for up to 96 hours.

If you need relevant information on the legislation related to police representation, our defence solicitors in London can help you in the matter.

Interested in a team of fraud solicitors in London? If you have been involved in a bribery or corruption case, it is best to discuss it with our lawyers. Investment fraud and money laundering are also situations in which you can benefit from our support. After a free case evaluation, we can discuss further details about the optimal defence strategies, not before explaining your legal rights. You may contact us online or on the phone.

Legal advice after detainment at the police station

Every person who happened to be detained at the police station must know that he/she has the right to free-charge legal advice from the duty solicitor. The request of the detainee will be passed to the Defence Solicitor Call Centre. In the case of less serious offences, the Call Centre will refer you to Criminal Defence Service Direct, where solicitors in London will offer you legal advice by telephone and police station representation. This procedure is acceptable in the case of offences such as disorderly behavior, drunk driving, and breaches of bail. 

On the other hand, you may see a criminal solicitor in London in person and ask for his/her legal advice in the cases of being accused of a serious offence or you are considered to be vulnerable. In addition, a face-to-face meeting with a defence solicitor is permitted when the police intend to interview you under caution.

Consequently, you must know that after you've asked for legal advice, the police officers are not normally allowed to question you. You are not required to answer any questions until you have seen a criminal solicitor in London.

What happens if I cannot afford a solicitor at the police station?

According to the legal aid system in UK, persons kept in police custody who cannot afford the costs of legal advice can ask for support in this sense. Each case is special and legal aid is offered after the eligibility criteria are determined:
  • Minors without personal funds and subject to crimes and police custody can receive legal aid.
  • Victims of family abuse and violence can also be helped from a legal point of view.
  • Women found in forced marriages can benefit from legal aid.
  • Persons who do not have a home or are about to lose one can be helped.

The Legal Aid Agency in UK is the institution that manages the cases of individuals requesting legal representation and advice. It all starts with specific verifications where other institutions can also be involved, such as banks that provide complete financial details. One should note that if the financial status changes during the proceedings and trial, persons who received legal aid might require to pay all the costs. Our legal aid solicitors in London can offer police station representation and can discuss further details about how you can receive support without paying the expenses.

Making a declaration at the police station as a victim

There are also cases of victims of domestic violence who need to make a statement at the police station. This is another situation where legal assistance and representation are required. Being in a difficult position after a domestic incident makes a person insecure and afraid, so making a declaration might be quite uncomfortable at the police station. Our team has experience in this field and can successfully represent victims of abuse. All cases are treated with complete attention right from the start as we want to offer the best possible results to persons who are victims of abuse or domestic violence.

FAQ about police station representation

1. Who needs support at the police station?
A person detained in police custody for different offences needs to be represented from a legal point of view. Even victims of crimes who requested the support of the police must ask for legal help.

2. Who informs a person about the legal rights if kept in police custody?
The police officer in charge of your case is the person entitled to read your rights, among which, the one referring to the defence solicitor who can represent you. You should get in touch with us as soon as possible.

3. Is medical help offered at the police station?
Yes, medical assistance is provided on request to persons kept in police custody. This kind of support is one of the rights an individual and benefit from in a situation like this.

4. How long does a person stay in police custody?
If there isn’t enough evidence for keeping a person in police custody, an immediate release is offered after 24 hours. However, things change for serious crimes like murder where the offender can be detained for up to 96 hours. In any case, legal advice and representation at the police station are required.

5. Can I ask for legal aid at the police station?
Yes, if you cannot afford the costs of a legal representative, you can ask for legal aid, if eligible. One of our defence solicitors in London can tell you more in this sense.

Choosing our defence solicitors in London

Persons kept in police custody might be vulnerable due to the circumstances and accusations brought. Plus, they might not know all the details about the legal rights they have. A case like this requires attention from a legal point of view, therefore you can rely on the support of our specialists with experience in this field. Confidence, professionalism, and involvement are the main attributes under which our criminal defence solicitors in London act when representing their clients, regardless of the situations presented.

We invite you to discover some interesting facts and figures about crime rates in UK:
  • More than 6.4 million crime offences have been registered in UK during 2019-2020, according to police statistics.
  • London registered the highest crime rate during the same period, nearly 850,000.
  • 96.4 was the UK crime rate per 1,000 population during 2019-2020.
  • More than 149,000 police officers were on duty in 2020, according to statistics offered by Statista.com.

Persons who need further information on the police station representation, are invited to contact our criminal defence solicitors in London for legal assistance. We are here to represent you and provide immediate legal advice, no matter the accusations brought.