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Updated on Tuesday 04th April 2017

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Persons who are accused of committing a certain act that is restricted by the United Kingdom’s legislation and who are questioned or detained at the police station should know that they have the legal right to solicit help and guidance from an attorney. Our criminal solicitors in London can assist if you are involved in such a situation. It is very important to know that persons detained at the police station can receive legal advice free of charge. 

Police station – custody rights 

Persons who are arrested for committing a certain felony are usually held in custody at the police station. Regardless if the person is released from custody or charged for a criminal act, he or she has the right to receive: 

•    free legal advice;
•    medical help, if it is necessary;
•    a Code of Practice which specifies the internal rules followed by the police;
•    a notice about the basic legal rights of a detained person;
•    an interpreter, if the person does not speak English. 

A teenager under 18 who is involved in a criminal case and kept in police custody, must not answer to any questions and needs to make no declarations if a parent or tutor is not present, besides the UK attorney. We strongly recommend you consider the legal rights when in police custody, which is why you should solicit complete information from our team of criminal defence lawyers in London.

Penalties if you do not collaborate with the UK police

Besides being aware of the legal rights, one should know that a normal behavior and collaboration is mandatory while in police custody. We remind that individuals who suddenly adopt a violent comportment while being questioned by the police can be handcuffed. In the same situation, if the person kept in custody wants to escape from the police, the reasonable force can be used by the authorities. These types of behaviors need to be avoided, in order to correctly apply for bail in the UK.

Who can be kept in police custody?

Youngsters under 18 and individuals over this age who were involved in theft, burglary, property damage, cyber crimes and many other serious offences can be arrested and held in police custody, until further hearing in the court of law. If you have been arrested by the police, we recommend you solicit legal representation from our attorneys. Knowing the legislation and given the circumstances, our team will adopt a suitable approach to clarify your situation and to get rid of charges.

We invite you to watch a comprehensive video about our legal services for individuals kept in police custody:


Legal assistance at the police station in London 

Persons held in custody can receive the legal assistance of our police station representatives, who have an extensive experience in advising individuals who are suspects in a certain crime. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can offer you assistance by providing you legal advice on the police detention situation or the legal possibilities for which you can take action during the arrest. Our representatives can also give advice on how the police interview should be approached. The defence solicitors have the legal obligation to enforce your rights while being held in arrest. The criminal solicitors in London can obtain information about the case you are involved in and the grounds for which you are held under police arrest. You can be held at the police station for up to 24 hours in the first instance, but if you become suspect of a serious crime, the detention can last up to 96 hours. 

If you need further information on the police station representation, please contact our UK criminal lawyers for legal assistance.


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