Post-charge bail

Updated on Tuesday 10th January 2017

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People accused of different criminal offences in the UK and detained in police custody have the right to apply for bail and to be represented by an attorney. It is good to know that our defence solicitors in London can provide you with detailed information and legal assistance if you want to be released on bail, considering the main conditions that come with it.

Details about the post charge bail in the UK

The right to bail is granted under the Bail Act 1976 for all individuals in the UK who committed a certain crime and are under arrest, if particular conditions are met. It is good to know that the bail can also be refused by the law court in the UK if the case or situation is severe and needs additional investigation. Regarding the post-charge bail, one should know that the police cannot enforce an offender to stay at a bail hostel in the UK, to electronically monitor the suspect with a metal tag or to force him to attend to certain investigations.

The criminal lawyer in London will properly analyze your case and will offer the needed details about the post charge bail and the conditions when held in the police custody.

Bail regulations in the UK

If the released individual under bail terms will commit another offence, he will be arrested once again and the charges will also contain the breach of bail. In this case, the police will consider the new criminal offence and if the arrested person needs to be presented in the court of law in the next 24 hours. According to the Bail Act 1976, if a criminal offender represents a threat to the society or if it is possible to receive life prison, then he can no longer receive bail. There are many conditions to understand when applying for bail in the UK, therefore, a solicitor in London can represent you in this situation, can examine your case, can negotiate the terms related to pre or post-charge bail and can reduce the amount you need to pay, if possible. 

Make sure to contact our team of defence lawyers in London if you want to apply for bail, or if you need defence services in the UK.


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