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Updated on Thursday 05th January 2017

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The pre-charge bail in the UK can be enforced if there is no sufficient evidence to charge an offender and to keep him under police arrest. Further investigation can be made, even if the offender is released on pre-charge bail. Our defence solicitors in London can provide you with legal assistance and guidance if you are being arrested and you want to be released under bail conditions.


What you need to know about the pre-charge bail in the UK

An offender can be released on bail with the condition to return to the police station on a certain date, in order to not change the course of justice and to not intervene in the witnesses questioning. The Code of Crown Prosecutors in the UK will apply if there is plenty of evidence and there are reasonable grounds to grant the pre-charge bail to an arrested individual. There are situations when charges are not accepted, therefore, the suspect can be released from custody by the police, on bail, under specific conditions. If you need to know more information about the pre-charge bail in the UK, it is recommended to ask to help from our criminal defence lawyers in London.

The Bail Act 1976

According to the Bail Act 1976, the conditions of bail cannot be enforced in crimes or murder cases but are mandatory in situations of attempting to murder or conspiracy. If an individual has a criminal background and previous convictions, he will be granted bail if there are exceptional motives. Before granting the bail, the Court of Law will analyze the circumstances, to see if the offender is not a risk to society and will not harm other individuals or talk to the witnesses of the case. Accused persons with granted bail need to understand and to respect the conditions of bail, such as:

•    he will not commit any other offence while on bail;
•    he will not intervene during the investigation;
•    he will answer to the Court’s inquiries.

You are invited to contact our team of defence solicitors in London, if you need additional details about the pre-charge bail in the UK.


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