Prevention of Crime

Updated on Wednesday 05th September 2018

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Crime prevention in the UK is a serious matter, and authorities are involved in many programs that imply different activities to help young individuals to stay away from criminal offences. There are two important prevention courses, and here we mention youth inclusion and support panels, besides youth inclusion programs. If you are interested in such courses, you can ask for help and guidance from our criminal defence solicitors in London.

What you need to know about prevention of crime in the UK?

The crime prevention in the UK is a voluntary programme run by the local community or other charity organizations. Teenagers that already had to deal with the police, due to an anti-social behavior or if they have committed a crime, are placed on these youth programmes. It is recommended for all parents or family members to join their teenagers to such courses, as a moral support, first of all. The police have a major responsibility because it can send the teenagers with inappropriate behavior to the prevention of crime programmes. The youth inclusion programme extends within six months and implies children aged 8 to 17. In this programme, the teenagers are learning about how to avoid criminal behavior and felonies and about what happens after someone gets caught doing offences. Certain activities are suitably prepared in a crime prevention course.
The youth inclusion and support panels, the second crime prevention course, is planned by the community’s social workers or youth charity organizations for children between 8 and 13 years. Here, they can obtain extra guidance at school, and children with mental problems are treated with special attention. If you are interested in prevention of crime in the UK, you can ask details from our criminal solicitors in London.

Why involve parents in prevention of crime programmes

A childs' proper education will depend on the parent’s attention and care besides the environment and the family’s background.  If a teenager is involved in a criminal offence or simply has law problems, due to a wrong behavior, the parents or the tutor will be invited to attend to the crime prevention courses in the UK. This is a proper method to verify if there are troubles at home and if the environment is suitable for a child’s education and growth.

The prevention of crime in the UK is treated seriously, and if you need additional information, you can contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London