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Updated on Wednesday 01st February 2023

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Probation refers to the plea agreement in a criminal case in UK, meaning that the offender will not spend time in jail, and instead is released under certain conditions. Violating the probation rules is definitely a serious case where offenders can go back to jail if found guilty. Immediate legal advice can be offered in this sense by our probation violation solicitors in London to individuals found in this situation. Our criminal defence solicitors in London are at your disposal if you need legal advice for your case.

Probation violation – information you need to know

Being released from custody under certain rules means being released on parole or probation. This happens when the offender shows a good behavior while spending time in jail, mentioning that the rest of the sentence can be served in this particular period, under certain conditions. Among the probation rules, attending to specific programmes, serving the community, and/or receiving medical treatments are the most important ones, and violating the conditions involved can send an individual back to jail. Our probation violation lawyers in London are at your disposal if you need immediate legal support in such cases. It is important to know that our criminal defence lawyers in London have experience in probation violation cases, so immediate assistance and representation in the court of law are offered.

People facing charges of drug trafficking or possession of prohibited substances are advised to seek specialized legal help. Our drug solicitors have the necessary experience to represent them, analyze the case and uncover possible legislative errors, and more. We are here to support you and offer you the necessary assistance in order to drop accusations of this kind.

What happens if you break the rules of probation?

Offenders released on probation will have to pay attention to the conditions involved and imposed in the court of law by the magistrates. Here’s what happens if the probation conditions are not respected:
  • You cannot commit another crime while being on probation. You can go back to prison if you are implicated in another criminal offence.
  • Persons can go back to jail if they do not accept the fact that an offender manager will take care of their case.
  • Criminals must attend special meetings, and if violent conduct is developed, the officer in charge can make a statement in this case.
  • If accused of another crime, the offender goes back to prison without the possibility of applying for parole.
Our probation violation solicitors in London can offer immediate legal advice if you find yourself in the above-mentioned situation by providing legal advice in the court of law or at the police station. Let our specialists in London take care of your probation case and offer legal advice as soon as possible.

What are the steps in violation of the probation process?

The violation of probation process involves four important steps: the initial arrest, the first appearance in the court of law, the hearing in the violation probation case and the sentencing. These are also the main steps in a criminal case, with the difference related to the rights of an individual who violated the probation conditions. The initial arrest takes place if the probation officer has evidence that the rules have been broken. In this sense, the probation officer can submit an affidavit to the magistrates in the court of law, in order for a warrant to be issued and the arrest to take place. In serious cases where an individual found on probation commits a serious crime, the probation officer has the right to arrest that person without waiting for a warrant or the acceptance of the court. Furthermore, the offender is sent to jail and remains into custody until the violation of probation hearing takes place. In some cases, the hearing is settled within two weeks or a few months, depending on the jurisdiction, the seriousness of the crime and other aspects.

The hearing in the case of violation of probation is a non-jury trial, however, a magistrate will listen to all the aspects involved in the case, in order to make a decision. The criminal background is definitely in the attention of magistrates, so any past felony will weigh much when a new verdict is issued. The support of a probation violation solicitor in London is extremely important, especially if the same lawyer knew your case from the beginning when the probation was issued. He or she will have to determine the new aspects in your case, verify the new accusations and create a new type of defence. We remind you that if you did not show up to the regular meetings with the probation officer, did not pay the fines imposed by the court, or committed minor crimes, such acts refer to a violation of probation.

In matters of crimes and statistics in UK, the following numbers are in the attention of the authorities:
  • burglary cases decreased by 3% last year in UK.
  • the 11% rate represents the increase in robbery cases in 2018.
  • the number of homicides in Uk grew by 6% last year.
  • computer crimes decreased by 28% in 2018.

What you have to consider while on probation 

Persons accused of certain crimes in the UK and sent to prison can be released on parole if they have completed a part of the sentence with a good behavior. The rest of the sentence can be served in the probation period where conditions are enforced. For instance, the person can attend to certain educational programmes, receive medical treatments if he/she needs special attention for particular addictions, work without payment, and see his/her offender manager at a settled date. For legal advice regarding your probation period, it is best to solicit help from our probation violation lawyers in London.

The role of the offender manager

Any person released on parole and on probation will have an officer or a manager who supervises him and explains the responsibilities that come with the probation period. We remind them that the offender must not commit any other crimes, otherwise he/she will be sent back to prison. If you want to change your domicile, attend significant meetings like religious ones or need to see your doctor if you are under special treatment to improve your health, you are obliged to tell your manager all the aspects.

Do offenders go to jail for violating probation?

This aspect depends from case to case. If an offender is accused of violating the probation conditions, he or she will not go to jail and serve the first sentence imposed. The type of offences revealed while in probation will be attentively measured by the authorities, and in some cases, warnings and fines can be issued instead of going back to prison. A prosecuting attorney in charge of a violating probation case will need to determine if the conditions of probation were breached, for more than 50%. Violating the terms of probation can lead to fines, a specific time in prison, community service, or revocation of probation. Our probation violation solicitors in London have experience in this field and can assist offenders from a legal point of view and help them go back to jail. Feel free to discuss with us and find out all the details you need.

Bail solutions after a probation violation

Bail can be grated for misdemeanor probation while for felony probation the things can get complicated, meaning that the court can reject bail. However, bail is rarely guaranteed after a probation violation, yet, if your case is special, and if you benefit from the legal services offered by our team of probation violation solicitors in London, you will receive information about the possible defence strategy. Feel free to discuss with us and ask for legal representation.

The years of sentence in case of probation violation

In the case the probation is violated two times, the judge can issue the maximum penalty, and that is the full length of the original sentence. The revocable offence is related to the probation violation if an individual is aware that he/she breaks the conditions of probation and commits other crimes too. Here are extra details in this matter:
  1. The magistrate could reinstate the initial punishment if the offender committed a new crime.
  2. Skipping the meeting with the probation office is considered a minor violation of the probation.
  3. Missing every meeting with the probation officer and hiding your location means that the probation conditions are violated.
  4. If charged with a new crime while breaking the probation rules means extra consequences for an offender to deal with. Magistrates will consider each new element related to the probation violation.
A probation violation solicitor in London can offer complete assistance and legal advice for offenders dealing with such delicate situations. 

Dismissal of a probation violation

A probation violation can be dismissed if small offences are detected and accepted. Skipping a meeting with the probation officer or getting in touch with persons that you should not discuss with might not be taken into consideration by the judge, and therefore the probation violation can be dismissed. In any case, it is required to respect the terms of probation and skip any possible confrontations in the court of law, or extra punishments. You can talk to our team of advisors and find out more about the cases in which probation violation can be dismissed.

Asking for a solicitor in cases of probation violation

The violation of the probation terms and conditions enter the attention of the authorities right away, especially if an offender is implicated in other serious crimes. Plus, if the meetings with the probation officer are not respected and the offender misses the encounters, this is sufficient for a prosecutor in charge of the case to make verifications and to send an offender in front of the authorities once again. 
These cases require the attention of a probation violation solicitor in London who has experience in this field and who can prepare a correct and efficient strategy. Dealing on your own with the new situation is definitely not a solution, particularly if you do not know your legal rights. A probation violation solicitor will attentively analyze your case and the circumstances, in order to see if you have chances to skip the punishments or not. Minor offences related to violation of the terms of probation might not be considered by a judge, yet, the defence in such a case can be provided by a specialist in this field, such us our probation violation solicitor in London. Here is how we can help:
  1. We will analyze the evidence in your case and see if there are chances to avoid the extra punishments.
  2. If minor offences related to probation violation are detected, our strategy defence will be in accordance.
  3. We will explain your rights from the start.
  4. We will represent your interests in the court of law if your case gets back in front of the authorities.
You are invited to talk to our criminal defence lawyers in London and ask for immediate legal advice and representation if you have been accused of violation of probation rules. Feel free to contact us at any time.