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Updated on Tuesday 25th June 2019

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Compared to other countries, prostitution is legal in Great Britain, however, some sexual offences are against the laws. Engaging in sexual activity in exchange for payment or other benefits is considered prostitution, and persons who own and control brothels in UK can face serious fines and/or imprisonment. This is definitely a sensitive case and a worrying phenomenon at an international level. If you have been accused of sexual offences, you are invited to talk to our prostitution solicitors in London and ask for legal advice. The experienced criminal defence solicitors in London are here to offer legal support for persons accused of sexual offences.

Prostitution in UK in numbers

Making judgements on the reasons why persons decide to sell their sexual services for money should not be a concern or a private matter to any of us, however, such activities continue to spread, and the UK authorities continue to oversee the phenomenon and to provide help and assistance through all sorts of programmes for victims of prostitution (minors, sexual abuse cases). Street prostitution is a worrying fact and the numbers speak for themselves:
  • Approximately 80,000 sex workers are registered in UK on a yearly basis.
  • The age of 18 is the starting point in prostitution for numerous women.
  • 83% of the prostitutes have British origins.
  • Street prostitution involves women who have been abused by clients, in an approximate 80% rate.
Statistically speaking, the numbers are quite concerning, especially if they grow each year. Prostitution accusations are severe and can lead to unwanted consequences if the persons involved are minors or have been forced to offer sexual services. However, if your case is related to an organized crime group, things can change in a large percent, meaning that serious charges can be brought, and new investigations can commence. In the same direction, the defence in prostitution cases can also change, and persons accused of sexual offences can turn into victims of organized crime groups who have been forced to do such things. In any case, you are advised to talk to our criminal defence lawyer in London and find out information about the legal support he/she can offer. Our prostitution solicitors in London can also help victims of prostitution and can find out if legal aid can be obtained.

The Sexual Offences Act 2003

The cases of prostitution and the definition are set out by the Sexual Offences Act 2003. This set of law comprises the amendments on prostitution such as:
  1. Severe penalties for having and controlling a prostitution brothel in UK.
  2. Inciting prostitution for personal financial gain.
  3. Controlling prostitution for immediate financial gains.
  4. The extension of gender-specific prostitution offences in UK.
Even if the law is controversial and there are numerous persons who believe prostitution should be forbidden, the UK authorities are quite permissive in this direction.

Debates related to prostitution in UK

Adversaries of prostitution and moral traditionalists consider that prostitution is fundamentally and morally unethical, plus a challenge to family values everyone knows. Consequently, banning prostitution in UK can be justified in the name of public morality and health. There are many religious organizations that adopted this position in UK, believing that the prostitution should not be legal in UK. Prostitution is believed to have a pseudo-criminal status which is in most cases related to organized crime groups, drug offences, poverty, human trafficking, etc. 
The authorities in UK are aware of the direction of prostitution and the consequences involved are interested in reducing the level of the phenomenon through all sorts of policies, one of them being related to health and prevention. It is essential to know that the legal support of our prostitution solicitors in London is at your disposal if you have been accused of sexual offences like prostitution under the age of 18, owning a brothel, or keeping persons for sexual abuse and prostitution against their consent. Sexual charges are extremely severe and considered of major impact, so persons found guilty can face imprisonment for many years.
Let our criminal defence lawyers in London offer in-depth assistance and legal advice in prostitution cases. If you are involved in a prostitution case, do not hesitate to contact our prostitution solicitors in London and find out information and guidance about the legal representation we can provide in the court of law.