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Updated on Friday 11th November 2022

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According to the “Public Order Act” in force in UK,  intentional harassment, affray, insulting and offensive behavior, common assault, racially aggravated threatening behavior, disorderly conduct, riots or violent disorders are considered public order offences and serious crimes for which offenders can be punished. Persons suspected and accused of such crimes should ask for immediate legal help from our public order solicitors in London. Our criminal defence solicitors in London are at your service if you are looking for complete legal advice and representation in front of the authorities.

Short facts about public order offences in UK

Public order offences take many forms, and persons accused of disturbing the public order through varied forms may be subject to different penalties and restraint orders, depending on the gravity of the facts. An offensive and/or intimidating conduct with the purpose of harassing someone in public (intentional harassment) is considered a public order offence. Here are the types of offences which are considered public order offences in UK and for which the authorities impose fines and/or imprisonment:
  • the public order offences where the use of offensive weapons is involved;
  • public riots involving a group of persons who use violence in public spaces;
  • affray involving individuals who intimidate other persons with violent conduct;
  • violent disorders involving at least three persons who use harassment and violence in public.

Our public order solicitors in London are by your side with complete legal advice if you have been accused of one or more of the above-mentioned serious offences, starting from the police station, if kept into custody. It is recommended to call one of our criminal solicitors in London

What happens in the case of public order offences involving weapons?

A case of public order offence where the use of a weapon is involved might be considered complex, especially if there are victims. The use of firearms against others definitely aggravate a case of public riot, and persons involved can be arrested and kept into police custody until further proceedings. The case goes complex if persons accused of public order offences hurt or killed someone in a demonstration, for example.

All the grounds of the case, whether they are complex or less serious are treated with the same amount of attention and involvement by our public order solicitors in London who can start defending you right at the police station. Our team of advisors will analyze your case right from the beginning and will provide you with the necessary legal advice if you have been accused of public order offences involving offensive weapons in public.

When you are accused of fraud, it is recommended to contact a team of specialists. Thus, we remind you that you can discuss your case with one of our fraud solicitors in London, with extensive experience in this field. Depending on the case presented, the defence methods will be implemented.

Defence for persons accused of threatening behavior

A serious public order offence is the one involving threatening and insulting conduct against someone. Using offensive words and gestures is considered an abusive behavior and public offence for which a person can receive fines, or in complex cases where violence is used, imprisonment. A public order solicitor in London who takes your case will have to analyze the circumstances and create a solid defence, starting with representation at the police station where your rights will be explained in the first place. Let us remind you that our criminal defence solicitors in London can advise persons not to answer any questions at the police station without a public order solicitor in London. It is important to know that you have rights and you can be released on bail until further proceedings.

Providing legal advice in public order offences 

Being accused of public order offences is a serious case in which offenders need to know that they can get legal advice and all the support from our criminal solicitors in London. Having extensive experience in such cases recommends our team in both complex or less serious cases involving accusations of public order offences. A realistic legal support and representation can be provided by our public order solicitors in London as soon as you get in touch with us. 

Clarified public order offences in UK

The “Public Order Act” covers most of the offences concerning behavior which disturbs the order in public spaces. Here is a short clarification of each public order offence in the UK, that our defence solicitors in London can provide legal advice and representation for:
  • Intimidating, offensive or insulting behavior means using threatening behavior or offensive language to scare someone.
  • Intentional harassment contains behavior, written signs, words or any other representations and the maximum punishment is six months detention. 
  • Affray implicates the activities of persons causing a theoretical individual at the scene (who doesn’t need to actually be there) to be scared by the manners of the people using or intimidating violence. 
  • Violent disorder applies when more than three individuals acting with common purposes use or intimidate other people with violence and harassment.
  • The riot from the “Public Order Act” regards the behavior of more than 12 individuals with a common purpose who use violence in public spaces.

If you are suspected in any case above or you need legal representation, our criminal defence solicitors in London will offer proper guidance and legal support in front of the authorities. Also, we have prepared a video with information about the public order offences and about how our criminal lawyers in London can help:

What can criminal solicitors in London do in cases of public order offences in the UK?

First of all, our team of attorneys will examine if the evidence supports the prosecution or not, will contact the witnesses and will attack all the weak components in the trial case. If somebody is acting as part of a crowd or if he/she is acting officially, for instance in self-defence, or whether he/she is just at the scene of a disorder, all of these are queries which our lawyers in London may consider. A non-violent demonstration in which a small number of people start acting violently can involve people who later can be accused of public order offences, even if they haven't been part of such group. The simple criminalization of free communication and meeting in which an individual was involved must be observed in details.

Defence for persons accused of intentional harassment

An abusive, insulting or threatening behavior used against a person is considered intentional harassment and such conduct can be punished in accordance with the law. The Magistrates’ Court in UK deals with cases of intentional harassment or distress and can grant a maximum sentence of 6 months if a person is found guilty. The cases of intentional harassment accusations need to be attentively analyzed, which is why our defence solicitors in London can help with complete legal representation in the court of law. Furthermore, persons accused of intentional harassment, alarm or distress as part of public order offences and detained into custody have the right to apply for bail and be released until the first hearing in front of the magistrates.

Defence for persons accused of threatening or insulting behavior

A threatening, abusive or insulting behavior is considered a public order offence and the person accused of such crimes can face penalties or imprisonment if the circumstances also involve a violent conduct. Such behavior refers to insulting gestures or words used against someone; persons accused of these kinds of offences are suggested to talk to one of our criminal solicitor in London. Our team can give proper legal support in front of the authorities and can explain to you the rights in case you have been accused of a threatening, abusive or insulting conduct.

What happens in the cases of criminal damage?

Public disorders have lots of chances to turn into serious violence acts that might also implicate criminal damage. This can be concerned and treated as a second charge besides the one involving serious offences in a public disorder in UK. If for varied reasons the person accused of public disorder offences had to use alternatives for self defence, the case might have a different direction. In this case, the offender needs to make proof that he/she had to defend himself/herself in front of others by using violence which led to criminal damage.

Anti-social behavior orders in UK

Persons accused of public disorder offences without violence can receive anti-social behavior orders or ASBOs as they are known. These can be issued for two years or more and the persons receiving such order should stay away from trouble, such as riots or commit any other related offences. If the anti-social behavior orders are breached, the offenders can go to prison for at least 5 years if other offences are discovered. Such cases need the advice of criminal defence solicitors in London who can provide the needed defence in front of the authorities. You should get in touch with us if you have received an ASBO in UK.

A proper defence for public order cases in UK

Our solicitors in London need to prepare a suitable defence, where complete information needs to be provided. For instance, there are cases where persons accused of public order offences had to defend themselves or have been part of a disturbance or protest without being the initiators. In other situations, a peaceful protest can transform into a violent one which can involve persons who have not taken part in such disturbance but have been accused of public order offences. All the circumstances must be explained in front of the authorities, with the help of our experienced attorneys.

Why choose our criminal defence solicitors in London?

The accusations of public order offences are serious, regardless of the complexity involved, and offenders should know that a proper defence in front of the authorities, plus the experience in this field will lead to a positive result. Our dedicated team is at your service if you have been involved in public order offences and accused of different serious crimes.

Please feel free to get in touch with our team of criminal defence solicitors in London and find out more about the legal support we can provide for you.