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Updated on Tuesday 14th May 2019

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The illegal activities of organized criminal groups with major impact to the society is known as racketeering and unfortunately are met at a large scale, anywhere in the world. In the UK, the government continues to fight against the phenomenon by implementing a harsh set of laws and regulations and working closely with the international agencies in this domain. If you have been accused of serious crimes involving illegal businesses and organized crimes, we recommend you talk to our racketeering solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal advice. Our criminal defence solicitors in London are at the disposal of offenders in search of support.

The definition of racketeering – what you need to know

Embezzling funds, dealing with sex and drug trafficking, prostitution and human trafficking enter the racketeering category, mentioning that organized groups have negative implications into the society, leading to unwanted consequences. The most common types of racketeering crimes are presented below:
1. Counterfeiting and trafficking illegal weapons to serve terrorist groups are serious crimes part of racketeering.
2. Rackets can be involved in illegal product development at large scale for sale purposes.
3. Stealing funds from corporations or natural persons are crimes which in many cases involve rackets.
4. White collar criminal methods involving illegal financial gains from companies are also serious crimes which can be conducted by organized groups.
Our criminal lawyers in London are here to provide immediate legal advice for individuals accused of racketeering

The prosecution in case of racketeering in UK

In most of the cases, it is difficult for the authorities and especially for the prosecution to catch the “brains” behind an organized crime group, and instead, the lower ranked partners or affiliates are easy to arrest. The prosecution, in this case, will have to work thoroughly with the international agencies and consider the laws governing this area, and an example in this sense are the regulations relating to forgery, trafficking persons, illegal gambling activities, embezzlement from welfare funds and pensions, visa frauds, extortions, money laundering, human trafficking, illegal monetary transactions, slavery and many more. Our racketeering solicitors in London can intervene in such cases and can represent offenders accused of such serious crimes with severe consequences to the public. Let our criminal defence solicitor in London provide the needed legal support and represent you in front of the authorities.

What happens if you are accused of racketeering?

Individuals accused of racketeering in UK will have to ask for immediate legal advice from our team of criminal defence lawyers in London. Being serious accusations, it is significant to ask for legal assistance and defence for your case. The prosecution will have to prove the accusations in racketeering cases, and a solid defence provided by our criminal defence solicitor in London will be impetuous. Organized groups dealing with police corruption, tax evasion, bribery, illegal gambling, skimming, illegal mining, arms trafficking, extortion, prostitution, cyber crimes, electoral fraud, identity theft, mortgage fraud, loan sharking, Ponzi schemes, drug trafficking,  or credit card frauds are part of racketeering crimes for which imprisonment is issued. Severe cases often lead to life imprisonment, and in many cases the disruption of the activities of the organized groups.

Theft crimes part of racketeering

Art theft, robbery, organized retail crime, copyright infringement, auto theft, identity theft, the resale of stolen goods, and extortion related to theft and fraud can be related to racketeering crimes and individuals part of criminal organized groups. The mentioned types of crimes are strictly illegal in UK and persons accused of these will have to talk to a criminal defence lawyer in London and solicit legal advice and assistance. Theft crimes are treated seriously by the British authorities, especially if rackets are involved in varied criminal activities. Let us remind that such activities are illegal and persons involved can face huge penalties, often leading to life imprisonment if murder is engaged. Do not hesitate to get in touch with a qualified team of criminal defence solicitors in London and especially with our racketeering solicitors in London who have ample experience in this field of law and who can determine the correct type of defence in the court of law.
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