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Updated on Tuesday 20th August 2019

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Rape is one of the most common sexual crimes, alongside assault by penetration and sexual assault, according to the Sexual Offence Act 2003. This kind of crime is definitely against the law and persons accused and found guilty of such crimes can face many years of imprisonment. Our rape solicitors in London are at your disposal with immediate legal advice if you have been accused of such crimes. Also, feel free to talk to one of our criminal defence solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal support if you are a victim of rape.

The definition of rape

Unwanted sexual intercourse with a person is considered rape. In many cases, rape is connected to physical assault and/or murder, but this means that other charges can be brought, and the penalties are more severe. Below you can find extra information about the definition of rape:
  1. A sexual act without a person’s consent is considered rape.
  2. A rape conviction can lead to life imprisonment, the maximum sentence.
  3.  Allegations in rape cases can only be heard in the Crown Court.
  4. The charges of rape, violence, and/or murder can complicate the case.

It is crucial to ask for the legal support of our rape solicitors in London who have a wide experience in such cases and who can help you from the very beginning of your case. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our criminal lawyers in London and find out more about how they can help in rape accusation cases.

What can I do if I’m accused of rape?

The first thing to do is to contact our rape solicitors in London as this case is quite complex, just like the laws in UK. We remind that the consequences in rape cases are extremely severe, and if the case is complicated, an offender can face life imprisonment. Having ample experience in rape and sexual assault cases, our criminal solicitors in London can immediately take your case and discuss with you as soon as rape charges have been brought to you. Also, our murder solicitors in London can intervene if the case is more than complicated and if manslaughter is involved. Sexual offence cases are extremely sensitive and serious, therefore, you can rely on our complete confidence and legal support, mentioning that our rape solicitors in London can represent your case in the court of law.

I’m a witness in a case of rape – what can I do?

Witnesses in rape cases are suggested to get in touch with the police and also ask for the support of a criminal defence lawyer in London who can provide immediate legal advice and who can explain the applicable legislation in this case, alongside your rights. Witnesses of rape cases have a special status and their identity can be kept private, as they have such rights. Also, the testimony of a witness in a rape or sexual assault case will weigh a lot, especially if the offender denies all the charges. Do not hesitate to get in touch with a rape solicitor in London and ask for immediate legal advice if you are a witness in a sexual offence case.

What happens if you are accused of a historic sex crime in UK?

Historic sex crime accusations refer to the persons involved in sexual offences that happened years ago and for which there weren’t enough evidence to have a verdict in this sense. This kind of accusations may involve rape cases and other sexual assault offences, however, the reputation of persons involved in such situations may be irreparably dented, especially if such accusations are registered for many years without solid evidence. If new accusations have been brought, and if testimonies about past situations are presented in the court of law, there are numerous chances for offenders to receive a hard verdict and to pay for the past offences. In any case, our criminal defence solicitors in London are here to provide immediate legal advice and assistance in front of the authorities. More than that, the defence can be based on the fact that the legislation is in a continuous change, so historic sex crime accusations might be hard to demonstrate. Below you can find information and statistics about rape cases in UK:
  • according to a recent survey in UK, only 1.7% of rape cases are prosecuted;
  • 3.8% of the sexual offences reported in 2018 resulted with charges, down from 5.6% as registered in 2017;
  • only 57,600 rape cases have been reported to the police in 2018;
  •  in many rape cases, the investigation stops due to the refuse of victims to reveal their personal information from their mobile phone.

If you have been accused of sexual offences like rape, it is mandatory to ask for the legal support of our rape solicitors in London. Please feel free to contact us right away.