Reasonable Force

Updated on Saturday 12th November 2022

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The reasonable force is a term related to self-defence and can be defined as the amount of necessary force in order to protect yourself or the property of imminent danger or illegal aggression. It is good to know that reasonable force is the same thing as the legal force, but if you need additional information about this matter, you can ask for assistance from our criminal defence solicitors in London.


When are you obliged to use reasonable force?

An individual is usually justified to use reasonable force to protect himself and others if an offender enters his property without permission, and then commits a crime. In this case, the person can use reasonable force to stop the intruder from running off or to use an object as a weapon, in order to protect himself in those intense moments.

It is good to know that an attacked individual can act from the first moment without having to wait until he is assaulted. The reasonable force or the self-defence won’t be taken into consideration if the attacked individual carries on assaulting the burglar without being a threat, or if he plans an ambush instead of calling the police. If you find yourself in this situation, it is recommended to solicit help and legal assistance from our criminal lawyer in London.

What the police do when you are involved in a self-defence situation?

If your house was broken by thieves and you tried to defend yourself, using reasonable force, and then a crime was involved, the police need to make proper investigations. They will analyze the facts and weigh the incident, especially if a crime took place. There are many people who pretend a break-in has taken place, to cover up other crimes, like a fight between drug sellers. If your case offers clear facts with minor incidents, the investigation will be determined fast, but if there are complicated situations, with crimes or deadly injuries, more detailed analyses will be required. It is good to know that there aren’t that many condemned house owners, due to self-defence or the use of reasonable force against trespassers.

Cases in which minors may be taken to care centers, abusive relationships, or improper care of the family due to a disabled member may be eligible for legal aid. If you find yourself in such situations, we recommend that you contact one of our legal aid solicitors in London and find out what your rights are. We are here to offer you all the necessary support to resolve the presented case.

Our team of criminal defence solicitors in London will properly analyze your situation and will offer legal assistance and guidance, so please feel free to contact us.