Regulations Related to Accomplices in Criminal Cases

Updated on Saturday 12th November 2022

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Regulations Related to Accomplices in Criminal Cases Image
An accomplice is an individual who took part in a criminal offence, no matter if it was serious or less serious. Such persons can be charged and convicted if they are found guilty along with other partners. Our criminal defence solicitors in London are able to offer legal assistance and a suitable approach in your case if you are found as an accomplice in a criminal case in the UK.

What you need to know about the accomplices in a criminal case

If a person was found guilty in a criminal case as an accomplice (who assisted or helped someone), he/she will be taken into custody. According to the rules and regulations in the UK, there are situations where proceedings cannot be brought against an accomplice, although there is enough proof. Usually, an accomplice will make a witness declaration which needs to be signed when the guilty plea was settled. Besides that, an accomplice cannot be sentenced before the prosecution verifies the evidence in a crime, but this situation will only be established by the magistrates’ court.
If you are considered an accomplice in a criminal offence in the UK, the defence lawyer in London will analyze your situation and will provide you with legal assistance in the court of law.

Situations and accomplices, presented by our criminal defence solicitors in London 

It is good to know that an accomplice must offer a correct statement and truthful evidence to the prosecution before being charged with any crime. A person in the UK can be considered an accomplice if he supplies another party with money, firearms or anything like it. During a testimony as an accomplice, a person might incriminate himself/herself if he/she will offer evidence in a criminal case and has not been asked to plead guilty. Such situation needs to attentively be measured by the magistrates’ court before the first hearing in the court of law.

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Please do not hesitate to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London for additional information about the rules related to the accomplices involved in criminal cases in the country.