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Updated on Wednesday 03rd February 2021

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As a short definition of domestic abuse, this is a serious offence that might involve emotional, sexual, financial, physical and psychological abuse, a threatening behavior which in many cases leads to violence between the family members. A forced marriage can also be seen as a domestic abuse. If you find yourself involved in one of the above-mentioned types of abuse, we strongly recommend you get in touch with a criminal lawyer in UK. Also, if you have been accused of domestic abuse, it is recommended to ask for legal support from our solicitors.

What is the domestic violence disclosure scheme in UK?

Individuals have the right to solicit information about the criminal record of another person or whether he/she has a violent past and troubles with the law. This type of information can be provided by the police and it is considered information disclosure. According to the domestic violence disclosure scheme in UK, you have the right to ask and the right to know information about the violent past of a person, with the help of the police.

What is a DVPO in UK?

DVPO or the domestic violence protection order offers immediate protection to victims of violence or domestic abuse in UK. The victim of abuse is protected by a DVPO, a case where the offender cannot:
  • return to the home residence if the victim of abuse lives there;
  • contact the family member for at least 28 days until the case gets verified;
  • leave the country until further trials in his/her case;
  • get involved in other types of serious offences in UK.

Persons accused of domestic abuse in UK must talk to a criminal defence solicitor in London and ask for complete legal support.

Report the domestic abuse

Persons who are victims of domestic abuse in UK need to know that they have the right to report the abuse and to go to the police. There are numerous organizations that help people fight against the domestic violence in UK. We remind that the police in UK  treats the cases of domestic violence seriously, whether sexual or not, and it is strongly recommended to call the local authorities and ask for help. Many victims of violence do not have the courage to talk about the abuse cases in their family. Children and women are the most vulnerable in such cases, however, it is extremely important to ask for help and report domestic abuse as soon as possible. In this case, victims should go to the police or contact the authorities in order for them to act in a fast manner and to provide you protection. Even a forced marriage is considered domestic abuse, therefore, if you have been involved in such a situation and if you receive bad treatments and threats, do not hesitate to contact the police. Also, you can consider asking for legal help and for a criminal lawyer in London who can explain the legislation and the regulations related to the domestic violence and the consequences. A threatening and inappropriate treatment which leads to violence enters the domestic abuse category and such actions are definitely against the law in UK. Also, it is good to know that there are many non-profit institutions that support the victims of domestic abuse and provide the necessary assistance in order for such persons to be protected. Let us remind you that our team of advisors are at the disposal of anyone involved in a domestic abuse case.

If you need legal services related to personal injuries we can put you in touch with our partners.

Can I apply for injunctions in domestic abuse?

Yes, the courts of law in UK are in charge of issuing injunctions in the case of domestic abuse and violence. This is an important order meant to protect the adults and children who have been victims of abuse. An injunction is also recognized as a non-molestation order and the magistrates can decide on the persons accused of domestic violence who can receive restriction orders like not living with the victims of abuse. It is good to know that an injunction order enters into force immediately, meaning that the offender can be arrested and kept in police custody. If you have received an injunction or if you want to solicit such order, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of criminal defence solicitors in London who can provide the necessary legal advice and support in front of the authorities.

Can I receive legal aid for domestic abuse?

The cases in which women and/or children are victims of abuse are treated extremely serious by the authorities in UK. Sexual abuse, rape, threats, and domestic violence need to be reported to the police immediately, and if the victims cannot afford the costs of a solicitor, they can receive legal aid. The eligibility for legal aid depends on the financial situation of a person who is a victim of abuse. In most cases, a severe situation where children and defenceless mothers are involved can be eligible for legal aid in case of domestic violence or abuse. The seriousness of the case will depend on a large amount of consequences for authorities who need to decide on offering the legal aid. All the family matters, including the ones involving the financial and material aspects, are considered before the legal aid is issued. 

Child Abuse Protocol 2013

The legislation protecting the children is not only complex but highly important for the UK authorities. In this sense, the Child Abuse Protocol 2013 provides information about the criminal proceedings involving a case of child abuse. Here are a few aspects to know about the Child Abuse Protocol 2013:
  • sexual and non-sexual abuses of children are against the law and offenders accused of such crimes can go to jail;
  • life sentence is also issued in severe cases of sexual abuse with children;
  • the child abuse case is presented in the court of law in front of the authorities;
  • the Family Justice System is directly connected to the Family Court in UK, and the Crown Court Prosecution.
Comprehensive legal advice is recommended for family with children part of domestic abuse. Our team can properly deal with such cases and can prepare a solid defence and can represent such cases in the above-mentioned courts of law in UK.

Choosing our defence solicitor in London for abuse cases

If you have been accused of domestic abuse and retained by the police, it is important to know your rights while in custody. Our criminal defence solicitors in London are at your service with complete legal assistance and information about the rights you have when questioned by the police. Among these, you have the right to remain silent and solicit legal advice before talking to the police or the prosecution. A criminal defence lawyer in London will have to analyze your case and if there isn’t enough evidence, he/she can prepare the grounds for you to solicit bail.

We are at your disposal with comprehensive legal support if you have been accused of domestic abuse or if you are a victim of violence. Please feel free to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in UK and ask for more details in this matter.