Remands Into Custody in UK

Updated on Monday 20th February 2017

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Individuals charged with serious crimes in the UK can be put on remand by the court of law, which means staying into custody until a settled date for a first hearing. There are different reasons why accused persons are put on remand and our criminal defence solicitors in London can provide you with legal assistance in such situation or in any circumstances you might deal with.


What you need to know about the remand into custody in the UK

From the beginning, we remind that teenagers under age 18 who are accused of serious crimes like burglary, theft, anti-social behavior or drug possession will be detained in secure centers for young people. The police have many reasons to put on remand an offender, such as:

•    he did not respect the bail conditions;
•    he has committed crimes before;
•    he might not go to the first hearing in the court of law;
•    he might commit another crime under bail.

One should know that the magistrates’ court can also send the accused individual back on remand after a previous hearing if they consider that he/she will not respect the terms of bail. Before any measure is taken, it is advisable to solicit help and legal representation in the court of law from our defence lawyers in the UK. They can properly investigate your case, to provide a suitable approach to your situation.

The legal rights of people put on remand into custody in UK

An individual accused of certain criminal offences and put on remand has the right to ask for legal advice and to apply for bail because he is presumably not guilty. Before the first hearing in front of the court of law, the defendant needs to be properly represented by a solicitor who can analyze the grounds, in order to receive the best possible result. This is an important right which is entirely explained by the police officers while putting an individual on remand. Besides that, you can apply once again for bail and wait for the response of the court of law in the UK.

Please feel free to contact our team of criminal solicitors in London if you have been put on remand into custody in the UK, or you need our legal services.


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