Representation for Serious Offences in UK

Updated on Friday 11th November 2022

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Persons who are accused of committing any act considered a serious offence, according to the legislation of United Kingdom, have all the rights to contact a criminal defence solicitor in London. One should know that starting with 2008 the common law in England changed with a new provision which came in force that year, called The Serious Crime Act 2007. This transformed the legislation by creating new procedures in order to prevent and to discourage crime, to prevent fraud by any mean and any other relations which could conduct to serious offences. You should know that our criminal solicitors in London can provide assistance in a case like this if you are involved in one. 

How are serious offences categorized in UK?

Under the Serious Crime Act enter serious offences, are prohibited by the legislation. A serious offence is either one mentioned in Schedule 1 of Serious Crime Act or one that the court decides if it is serious enough to be treated accordingly. Any person who is accused of committing an act which the legislation in the UK frames it as a serious offence can solicit help from our team of criminal defence solicitors in London who can assist you in the case.

Those who face accusations of fraud are advised to seek professional help. Complex cases can be successfully resolved by one of our fraud solicitors in London, with experience in the field. You can count on our help before the courts, as we will try to offer the optimal solutions for the cases presented.

What is the classification of serious offences in UK?

You should know that, according to the guide of CPS (Crown Prosecution Service), serious offences are classified under 13 headings (Class A to Class J as per Class Order). Below you can see the classification as follows:
  • drug traffic, human traffic, arm traffic, prostitution (including child prostitution and child sex);
  • armed robbery, fraud, money laundering (cases considered extremely serious in UK);
  • revenue offences and tax evasion (companies in UK can be investigated in such cases);
  • bribery and corruption offences (cases often met in  the business environment in UK);
  • blackmail and counterfeiting as part of cyber crime cases in UK;
  • environment offences and even intellectual property offences (considered serious cases in UK).

Also, any attempt, conspire action, encouragement or assistance (including aid or support) is considered a serious offence and it is included under the disposal of the Serious Crime Act. People involved in the above mentioned serious offence cases should know they can request legal representation from our criminal solicitors in London in assisting the case with recommendations and solutions to their problems. Our lawyers can negotiate all the terms and particularities of the case in order to obtain the proper solution for you.

Do I need legal advice for drug offence cases in UK?

People charged and kept in custody for drug possession have the legal right to ask for representation in a court of law. Our team of defence solicitors in London can provide you with support in this matter and can offer guidance when applying for bail. If the criminal record is clear and no other serious offences have been registered, any individual with drug offences accusations can be released from custody under specific bail conditions. We remind you that you need complete support and legal advice in the court of law at the first hearing in your case. If you are an individual who owns authorization for the legal drugs in the UK as stipulated in the Drug Misuse Act, you need to present the documents if a police officer or a supreme authority requires such thing.

What are fraud offences in the UK?

Fraud in the UK is considered a serious offence and can be punished in accordance with the gravity of the consequences. Fraud means obtaining all kinds of benefits by using illegal methods. The cyber crimes are also considered serious offences which enter in the fraud category. The purpose of failing to disclose information although it is a legal duty of a person in a particular situation is considered a fraud act. If you find yourself accused of fraud offences, it is best to get in touch with our criminal defence lawyers in London for legal assistance in this matter. They have a vast experience in serious offence cases and can offer legal advice and support in your situation, by adopting a suitable defence approach in front of the magistrates, in order to obtain the best possible result.

What is corruption in UK?

Corruption is considered a serious offence in the UK, with a major implication in different sectors or areas of interests. Corruption involves all sorts of money proposals or favours or public persons with an important impact on the society. People accused of corruption in the UK must ask for legal advice and complete representation from our solicitors in London who can also represent the witnesses involved in such severe case and who can negotiate with the prosecuting authorities if the situation is complex.

What is bribery in UK?

Bribery is a serious offence and the act in which an individual offers money or other consistent things to a person working in public services in UK for certain advantages. These benefits can be related to money, assets, important information or a position in a company. In UK, fighting against bribery is a serious matter, and persons accused of bribery can face imprisonment for many years.

Legal representation for manslaughter in UK

Manslaughter is also known as homicide in UK and it can be voluntary or involuntary. Depending on the gravity of the case and also the circumstances, whether it was the loss of self-control or a case in which the criminal intended to commit a murder, the verdict in a manslaughter case may involve particular years of imprisonment. We strongly recommend you get in touch with our criminal defence lawyers in London and solicit complete legal support. Our team of advisors can properly represent your case in front of the authorities in UK.

We invite you to watch the video below for a better understanding of the legal services we can offer in serious offence cases in UK:


What are crime prevention orders?

The UK High Court of Justice has the possibility to create serious crime prevention orders that imply restrictions, bans and significant terms where it has rational foundations to believe that the order will protect the public by averting or disrupting the individual implied in a serious crime act in the UK. The weight of evidence of these matters is on the individual applying for the order on the balance of possibilities. The prevention orders are enforced to persons of 18 or more, by the Serious Fraud Agency in the UK.

A serious crime prevention order refers to the civil injunction where crimes are punished with six months detention or with a fine. If the Crown Court has decided upon the conviction, the individual can receive a five year detention and indefinite fine for serious crimes. A prevention order is authorized if the person has legal representation at the trial, or has received a notification in that matter. Please do take into consideration that the Serious Crime Act 2015 has introduced new modifications.

If you need representation in a serious offence case, please contact our team of defence solicitors in London.