Representation in Case of Fraud

Updated on Thursday 27th July 2017

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Locals or foreigners who are charged with different types of fraud offences must know that they can ask for legal representation from a criminal solicitor in London. Any person, accused of committing or involved in any fraud offence case and who is under the observation of the authorities or detained, has the legal right to ask for a criminal lawyer in London in order to defend his/her rights. Our team of criminal defence solicitors can provide support throughout the process starting with a proper advice and legal representation in the case of trial or offering their input to the authorities in charge with the case. 

Fraud offences in the UK

When we discuss fraud offences, you should know that any act that implies a profit through activities prohibited by the legislation of the United Kingdom is considered fraud offence. In this sense, the Parliament of UK issued an act that gave the criminal offence of fraud a legal definition. The act was adopted in 2006 under the name of Fraud Act 2006 and replaced the Theft Act 1978 with a more largely and complex cover.

The Fraud Act defines fraud in three parts:

•    fraud by failing to disclose information;
•    fraud by abuse of position;
•    fraud by false representation. 

Detailed, this means that a person, who does not act honestly in front of the authorities, does not share information about an offence occurred or simply if a person is in a position that is supposed to protect other people involved in a case like this, is considered to commit fraud offence that is under the jurisdiction of the Fraud Act. In this situation, a person involved in fraud offence has been acting with the intention of gaining advantages for personal purpose or for a third party. An individual involved in any above-mentioned cases must know that our solicitors in London can provide assistance in a wide range of fraud offences

How we can help in case of fraud by abuse of position

The fraud by abuse of position usually involves individuals with influence and important positions in a company, who no longer protect the finances and the assets of that enterprise, but instead perform crimes to gain easy money in a short amount of time. The fraudulent way of gaining money with the help of benefits of an important position in a company is considered a serious offence in the UK and it is punished in accordance with the laws in this country. If you have been accused of fraud by abuse of position, it is strongly recommended to ask for legal help and advice from our criminal solicitors in London. They have comprehensive experience in this area and can provide you with legal representation in the court of law, by adopting the suitable approach in your case.

How we can help in case of fraud by false representation 

A false representation adopted by someone who wishes to gain money in different ways is considered fraud in the UK. For instance, numerous persons are trapped in phishing scams where they are solicited to give details about the bank accounts they own. Besides that, any other form of false representation which aims to deceitfully gain money is punished with imprisonment. Persons accused of fraud by false representation or victims of such serious offence have the right to get in touch with a lawyer in UK. Certain evidence will be solicited in this matter, in order to prepare the case and to acquire the best possible result.

How we ca help in case of fraud by failing to disclose information

Individuals who definitely refuse to offer particular information, as it is their legal responsibility to do so, can be accused of fraud by failing to disclose information. This serious crime may take place when two parts are trying to settle and agree on a contract and can lead to all kinds of losses. It is advisable to get legal help if you have been accused of fraud by failing to disclose information. Our team can help you be released on bail until further hearing and investigations in your case.

For a better understanding of how we can help individuals accused of fraud, please watch the comprehensive video below: 

In case you need legal representation in a fraud offence case, please contact our team of defence solicitors in London.


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