Representation in Case of Sex Offences

Updated on Saturday 26th August 2017

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When we discuss the sexual offences, we refer to a wide range of activities which can be included in this category. First of all, the person who is suspected or detained for questioning in a case of a sexual offence can request help from a defence solicitor in London who can explain the rights in this kind of situation. Our team can also assist you with legal representation in the case of sexual offence, covered by the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

What are sexual offences?

The Sexual Offences Act 2003 is a law passed by of the Parliament of United Kingdom structured in 2 parts and covers all offences of sexual nature. In Part 1 of the document are included all sexual offences and Part II speaks about offenders and the protective orders of the victims. Our team of solicitors in London can provide legal assistance for persons charged with sexual offences prescribed by the Sexual Offences Act. Below are a part of actions that are covered by the mentioned act:

•    sexual assault including: with or without penetration, assault of children under 13 and any type of assault without the consent of the other person;
•    rape, including the rape of a child under 13;
•    including and having sexual activity with children. Here also enters the abuse of trust which means having sexual activity in the presence of a child, forcing him to watch a sexual activity;
•    sexual activity with a person with mental disorders, including the abuse of trust and force a person with mental illness to watch sex activities;
•    the controlled prostitution and prostitution with the purpose of financial gain;
•    sex traffic with an adult or a child;
•    sexual activity with a family member;
•    sexual activity with animals;
•    abusive parents and tutors;
•    sexual activity in public, voyeurism and sexual exposure, etc.

How can we help in sexual offence cases?

Persons accused of sexual offences can be punished with imprisonment in accordance with the rules and regulations in the UK. The sexual offences are in many situations related to the domestic abuse, a case which needs to be reported to the police if you are a victim. As for the individuals who were charged with sexual violence in the UK, they need to know that legal representation in such cases is mandatory. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can suitably analyze the case and can explain the legal rights of a defendant once kept in the police custody and then throughout the entire process starting with the first hearing in the court of law. An attorney can also help in obtaining the release on bail if there is no particular evidence related to the accusations.

Support for victims of sexual violence

Cases of sexual assault, sexual exposure, sexual abuse, indecent assault, controlling prostitution for gain, or sexual activity with family members imply numerous persons who can easily become victims of such inappropriate and illegal offences. Besides a proper representation in the court of law, the victims have the possibility to ask for support from special organizations in the UK. Such institutions can offer assistance and guidance in insurance matters or all kinds of compensations.

You are invited to watch the video below about how we can legally represent you if you have been accused of sexual offences in UK

Our criminal lawyers in UK will assist you throughout the process providing legal representation, and advice, in order to obtain the right solution in your case. If you are involved in a case like this or you are suspect, do not hesitate to contact our team of defence solicitors in London who are specialized in a wide range of sexual offences cases.



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