Representation in Case of Violent Crimes

Updated on Thursday 27th July 2017

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Individuals who are being suspected or accused of a violent crime should know that they have the right to request legal representation from our criminal defence solicitors in London. From the beginning, you should know that in the United Kingdom any type of violence against others is considered violent crime and here are included not only murder or homicide but also robbery and sexual offences. In England and in Wales, the legislation specifies two types of trials as follow:

•    summary: it refers to trials in the Magistrates Court;
•    indictment: the process takes place in the Crown Court.

Types of violent crimes in the UK

The process for a violent crime can begin in the Magistrate Court and end here and also the magistrate can convict you in the Court of Law and send for a sentence to the Crown Court. If you need help in any case of violent crime, our defence solicitors in London can provide legal representation during the trial. According to the CSEW (Crime Survey for England and Wales), an act is considered violent when it involves assault which wounds others. Also, the survey specifies if the particularity of the crime implies injury or not.  According to CSEW, the following acts are also considered violent:

•    crimes;
•    homicides;
•    violence with or without injuries.

The concept of violent crimes in the UK

To understand better the concept of violent crime one should consider this an act where an offender uses force by all meanings against a victim. An act does not have to end with a murder to be considered violent, acts like robbery, kidnapping, terrorism or drug offences can be framed in the category of violent crime, depending on the circumstances and the particularities of the case. Related to violence there are also public disorders that may include injuries and in this case, the authorities have the right to classify them as violent crimes. If you are suspected of a violent crime act you have the right to talk to a legal representative and we suggest soliciting assistance from one of our criminal solicitors in London, as our team is specialized in a wide range of violent crime cases

Cases of violent crimes in the UK

Besides robbery or kidnapping, a violent crime may involve hate crimes, manslaughter, domestic violence, rape, assault or violence under the influence of alcohol. These situations may lead to murders in most cases, and complete investigation is necessary. Our defence solicitors in London is able to represent you in the court of law if you have been accused of violent crimes as the ones mentioned above and sent into custody until the first hearing. It is good to know that you can also be released on bail after a short analysis of your criminal record and if the authorities consider you are not a threat to society until your case gets in the court of law.

We invite you to watch a comprehensive video about the legal representation we can offer in cases of violent crimes in UK


Where do violent crimes take place?

Violent crimes take place at home, in the street, in clubs, bars or even at a workplace. In most situations, the victims are direct targets for the offenders, in other words, they know their potential or future victims. According to the laws in UK, the victims who survived a violent crime have the right to defend themselves and to solicit legal assistance.

Representation in cases of manslaughter 

As mentioned earlier, manslaughter is part of violent crime cases: gross negligence, unlawful act, or motor manslaughter result in the victim’s death. The intention to kill or harm someone is also part of manslaughter or violent crimes in the UK and are punished in accordance with the law.  Persons charged with manslaughter can go directly to prison, but we remind that our solicitors in UK may legally represent you in the court of law because they have a vast experience in cases of violent crimes.

If you need to be represented in a minor offence case, please contact our team of criminal lawyers in London.


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