Representation in Cases of Road Traffic Offences

Updated on Wednesday 13th September 2017

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When we refer to road traffic offences this means any violation of the traffic rules in the United Kingdom.  Any abuse of the legislation is under the disposal of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988. People who are involved in a case of road traffic offences are advised to receive representation from our criminal defence solicitors in London. Our team can provide legal representation and support during the period you are involved in such case.

Road Traffic Offenders Act

The Road Traffic Offenders Act stipulates all the offences for which a driver can be charged in UK. We know that many road traffic offences are not serious, but this is not a reason not to be charged. A person should know that if a road traffic offence is minor, the prosecution is a necessary thing to discourage these offences and it is also a good method for ensuring the public safety. Penalties for road traffic offences depend on the level of severity of the offence and the penalties could be fines, suspension of the driving license or custody.  Below you can see the most serious offences, according to the Road Traffic Offenders Act, and it is good to know that you can receive the proper information related to your case from our criminal lawyer in UK. These offences are:

•    dangerous driving;
•    causing death because of dangerous or careless driving with or without consuming alcohol and drug substances. Here we mention the driving without care or attention;
•    failing to stop when an accident occurred or running and not reporting an accident;
•    driving without a permit or after your license was suspended, based on a medical report;
•    driving a car that is not insured;
•    driving a car that is not proper for the road.

For individuals who attempt to drive or who are in control of a vehicle, under alcohol influence, there is equally a straight public interest in prosecuting them. Our solicitor in London can provide representation if you are involved in a case of road traffic offences. It is your legal right to request to be represented by a defence lawyer.

Leaving the scene of the accident

According to the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988, a person can be accused of a crime if he/she committed a traffic accident where people have been injured or died. Furthermore, leaving the scene of the accident instead of waiting for the police to come and inspect the circumstances will weigh much on your case and can lead to a severe verdict, such as 14 years of imprisonment. No matter the case, it is recommended to talk to one of our criminal solicitors in London for a better understanding of the law and your rights.

What happens if you have been caught for driving under alcohol influence 

Persons accused of driving under alcohol influence can be punished with 6 months sentence and a driving ban in the UK for at least one year. Furthermore, we remind that a conviction for driving under alcohol influence can stop an individual from traveling to particular countries, or work for certain companies, as the conviction is mentioned on the driving license.

Legal help in cases of traffic offences in the UK

The traffic offences in the UK are considered serious and are punished in accordance with the law. For instance, an individual accused of traffic offences can be arrested by a police officer and can receive penalties which might include the retaining of the driving license. If you do not agree with the verdict, or if you consider you have been accused and/or detained for a traffic offence you did not commit in your opinion, you have the right to ask for legal help. This is a matter where our criminal solicitors in London can provide you with representation in front of the authorities, starting with the police station and ending in the court of law in the UK.

The video below explains the situations of road traffic offences in UK, and the possibilities of providing legal support: 

If you want more information or you need legal representation in a road traffic offence case, please contact our defence solicitors in London.


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