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Updated on Monday 02nd October 2023

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If you have been accused of aggravated burglary, robbery, or breaking and entering a property, it is necessary to ask for urgent legal assistance from our robbery solicitors in London. Our criminal defence lawyers in London have extensive experience in all cases of robbery and can provide you with complete legal support and advice starting with the police station if you are held in custody. Let our team of criminal defence solicitors in London handle your case in front of the authorities, in a court of law.

Definition of robbery

As a general definition, a robbery occurs when a theft is planned, carried out, or attempted. In most cases of robbery, force is used, either to steal something or to threaten and intimidate someone in the situation where a robbery takes place. There are three main types of robbery offences, depending on the circumstances:
  • Street robbery – Theft that takes place on the street, in public spaces, in public transport, and that can develop instantly, in just a few minutes.
  • Commercial premises robbery – Such robberies are usually planned. A person or a group of people are involved in this kind of robbery.
  • Dwelling robbery It is also called aggravated burglary and targets private residences in the UK. And in this case, everything can be planned ahead of time, either by an individual with or without a criminal record or by a group of criminals.

If you are accused of theft, we recommend that you contact our robbery solicitors in UK for consultation and representation. We offer specialized help to those facing such accusations.

What you need to know about the Theft Act 1968

Robbery is considered a criminal act and it is an offence that involves the use of threats when trying to steal from someone. The use of force in robbery associated with the theft will lead to the accusation of robbery. Carjacking, street robberies, vehicle theft, shop, or bank robberies are a few of the categories of robberies that can be met in UK and for which offenders can face imprisonment. The description of robbery involves the use of a weapon (gun, knife, etc.) with threats and the intention of stealing from someplace or someone.

Severe cases of persons accused of robbery and murder can be subject to life imprisonment. It is important to know that if youngsters are accused of such crimes, their cases will be sent to the Youth Courts in UK. No matter the case, whether you are accused of robbery or you have a minor child involved in a theft case, it is good to know that our robbery solicitors in London are at your service with complete legal advice and representation.

How is the sentence for robbery issued?

The court of law will have to analyze the criminal record of a person accused of robbery if he or she is considered a dangerous person, and if particular factors are involved in a robbery, such as:
  • the number of people and the vulnerability of the persons involved in a robbery;
  • if the stolen items are of high value (the reason for the robbery);
  • if the offender was disguised and if he/she robbed someone at night;
  • if the offender was leading a group of people when the robbery took place.

The sentence will be imposed considering the above-mentioned factors, however, the authorities will also reflect on other aspects too when deciding on the sentence. For instance, if the stolen items were returned, if the robbery was unplanned, or if the offender had a minor role in the offence. Our experienced robbery solicitors in London should be contacted as soon as possible if you have been accused of such serious crimes because your case might be complex.

Let us remind you that our criminal defence solicitors in London are at your disposal if you have been accused of robbery and/or theft. We can provide you with representation at the Magistrates Court where the first hearing takes place and at the Crown Court where the case is sent afterward. 

How is the defence in the case of robbery?

Robbery is a serious crime for which penalties and/or imprisonment is issued. A consistent defence provided by our robbery solicitors in London will start with the solid and necessary expertise in matters of evidence. It all starts at the police station where you are advised to remain silent until one of our robbery solicitors in London deals with your case.

Our criminal solicitors in London will have to find out information about the accusations that have been brought to you and to see what kind of evidence is involved (videos, fingerprints, phone evidence, guns, and many more). There are cases where manslaughter is involved, leading to a more complex case for which the experience of our criminal defence solicitors in London is recommended. 

Know your rights – What happens if you are arrested for robbery?

Individuals who have been arrested following robbery charges must have a specialized lawyer on their side. In the case of detention in police custody, they have the right not to answer questions, to ask for medical help, and even a translator if necessary. Also, the persons invited for the interview under caution must consult with a robbery solicitor in London to be able to know their rights in this case.

t is very important not to act on your own and to seek specialized help for the charges and/or arrest following the robbery case to know exactly what will happen from a legal point of view. We remind you in this case that defence strategies can be affected if you agree to answer the police officer's questions. So, here are the rights in this case:
  • Do not answer the questions unless you have a robbery solicitor in London by your side.
  • The police officer in charge must explain to you why you were detained.
  • You can request medical assistance and receive specialized help immediately.
  • If it is a police interview under caution, it is good to agree to speak with the authorities, but a lawyer is needed.
  • If there is not enough evidence regarding the charges against you, you can be released from police custody.

Feel free to get in touch with our specialists if you want to know your rights when in police custody and accusations of robbery.

Armed robbery cases – What you can do in case of such accusations

If you have been accused of armed robbery, it is very important to contact a specialized lawyer. Such accusations are quite serious and carefully analyzed by the authorities in charge. If there is evidence that your fingerprints were found in this armed robbery, you can be arrested. The most serious cases are those in which, following an armed robbery, there are victims. In any case, do not hesitate to contact our robbery solicitors in London for more explanations and information.

Why choose our robbery solicitors in London?

Our experience in robbery cases is extensive because our team of robbery solicitors in London handles varied cases of such serious crimes. It is important to know the case from the beginning, to see the accusations, and to verify the police records, the witness statements and the evidence involved. Even though the defence for robbery might seem complex, it is important to know that our team of robbery solicitors in London will act in the best interest of the client in order to provide the best possible result in their case. Looking for the services of our criminal solicitors in London in case you have been accused of robbery? Our team is at your service with comprehensive assistance and legal advice.

Here are some statistical data about robbery in the UK:

  • There were around 75,265 robbery offences reported by the police in England and Wales during 2022/23.
  • About 66,328 robbery cases were reported during 2021/22.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of robbery solicitors in London if you have been accused of robbery and if you are kept in police custody. We can professionally handle your case, starting with comprehensive legal assistance at the police station where we can help you be released on bail.