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Updated on Tuesday 14th May 2019

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Securities frauds are the same as the investment frauds and are the type of crimes forbidden by the laws in UK. On an international scale, there are numerous investors who get trapped by false businesses proposed by hackers or impostors, most of the cases resulting in huge financial losses. If you have been accused of investment frauds or if you are a victim of such crimes, we recommend you get in touch with our team of securities fraud solicitors in London.

The definition of securities fraud

Stock manipulation, embezzlement and using false information to make business persons invest in something that concludes only with the loss of money are only a few of the crimes involving securities fraud or investment fraud. These are illegal acts comprising a wide range of activities that violate the laws of securities in UK. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can provide legal assistance and representation for those individuals who have been accused of securities fraud. Advice and support are also offered to victims of investment frauds in UK, so you should immediately talk to our securities fraud solicitors in London

Types of securities frauds

Investment or securities fraud can be met in varied forms and the following are the most common ones:
  1. Corporate fraud involves financial crimes in companies where employees or employers might be accused.
  2. Internet frauds related to securities and stock exchange where prices can be falsely raised up.
  3.  Online investment emails announcing huge business opportunities can make numerous victims from a financial point of view.
  4. Insider trading is another form of investment fraud involving companies and particularly directors or other employees.

What is microcap fraud?

On an international level, there are more than $3 billion registered as losses because of falsely promoted shares to the public. Varied internet scams involving pump and dump schemes are part of microcap frauds developed by false brokers or promoters. Unfortunately, such manipulators have access to important business information, can make false statements regarding company shares on the market and can use inside info to foul investors in purchasing stocks at high prices. If you have been a victim of such type of fraud or if you have been accused of these serious crimes, we strongly recommend you talk to our securities fraud solicitors in London and find out how we can help in legal terms.

Accounting frauds and boiler rooms

Securities fraud has numerous faces and unfortunately, there are many good faith investors or business persons who get trapped by such schemes. An example in this sense is the accounting fraud which involves false financial reports presented by companies in front of clients. Another fraud scheme is the boiler room with fraudulent financial transactions developed by stockbrokers without a license. In such cases, securities are sold in boiler rooms and under pressure for investors who are obliged to pay large amounts of money for non-existent shares or securities.

Is the Ponzi scheme an investment fraud?

Yes, the well-known Ponzi schemes are, unfortunately, used nowadays by numerous fraudsters who influence and easily convince large or medium businesses to invest in small companies for future profits that eventually won’t happen. Specific investment plans are also part of Ponzi schemes and directed to persons without knowledge of business but wanting to make easy money. Ponzi scheme is definitely an investment fraud and offenders accused of such crimes can face imprisonment for a long time.

How can a securities fraud solicitor in London help?

From the beginning, we mention that our securities fraud solicitors in London have extensive experience in investment fraud cases, regardless of the nuances and implications. Being accused of investment frauds definitely highlights the personal image in a bad way, especially if such accusations come with police arrest. Securities fraud accusations might be complex, depending on the level of crimes and consequences, therefore, it is highly recommended to talk to our criminal defence lawyers in London and get complete support. As for victims of investment frauds, they need to know that the legal support of a securities fraud solicitor in London is needed right from the beginning, especially if huge financial losses are involved. 
If you are involved in investment frauds as a business person or if you have been accused of securities fraud in UK, we invite you to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London and ask for complete legal advice.