Sentences for Young Criminals in UK

Updated on Monday 04th September 2017

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There are numerous cases of serious offences when youngsters break the law and then are punished by the authorities who deal with such cases. From the beginning, one should know that the sentences and punishments for young people are different from the ones issued for adults, and special courts in UK deal with teenagers accused of crimes. If you are a parent who has a child who broke the law, it is recommended to ask for legal help and guidance from our criminal defence solicitors in London

Teenagers and punishments in UK

Teenagers involved in robbery, cybercrimes, shoplifting or even manslaughter can face imprisonment, for which punishments are settled in the Youth Court in UK. The Youth Justice System has several purposes, and the most important one regards the necessary methods to stop teenagers or children under 10 from adopting a criminal behavior. There are a few guidelines which can be used to a sentencing hearing in UK when teenagers are involved. For instance, the seriousness of the crime, the family environment, the level of maturity, the criminal record if there is any and if the teenager pleaded guilty for the crime he/she is accused of are among considerations a magistrate thinks in the Youth Court before deciding for a sentence. Please remember that our defence solicitors in London can offer legal assistance and representation for parents and tutors who have a child with legal problems.

Types of verdicts for young criminals in UK

According to the gravity of the offence, a teenager accused of different crimes can receive varied types of sentences, such as:

•    the youth rehabilitation order is a community sentence issued for no more than three years, when teenagers are supervised and imposed a curfew. They can perform unpaid work, receive drug and mental health treatments and can also take part in educational programmes;
•    a referral order is issued by a young offending team and contains an agreement in which the young offender who pleaded guilty must understand the inappropriate behavior and obey to certain rules which regard the improvement of the conduct, in order to get back into the society and commit no more crimes. If the court considers the measure less severe, it can impose a particular sentence;
•    fines can be imposed if the offences are not that serious, like drinking in public as a minor, using graffiti or dealing with property damage. The tutors or the parents are entitled to pay the fines.

No matter the accusations, it is suggested to ask for legal help from our criminal defence solicitors in London who can help parents understand the sentences or punishments their minor children can receive.

For additional information about the sentences imposed for young criminals in UK, please do not hesitate to contact our team of defence solicitors in London.


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